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VK0EK Starting DXpedition Site Teardown, 80 Meter Operations Concluded


The VK0EK DXpedition on Heard Island has begun taking down antennas in anticipation of its impending departure. The team has wrapped up operation on 80 meters and has gone from a 4-square to a vertical on 40 meters.

“If you’ve seen the pictures of the partially flooded area in which our low-band antennas are placed, you may have thought it was foreshadowing something, and you would be correct,” a update from the team said. “Today, in high winds (greater than 30 knots), drizzle, snow, [snow pellets], and water up to the middle of the shins, our intrepid crew recovered and disassembled the 80 meter vertical and 40 meter 4-square.”

Earlier the team reported that bad weather had begun to set in and likely was staying for a while. “We will try to stay on the air as long as possible, but may have a reduced number of stations on the air, and a reduced complement of antennas to use,” the update said. “Watch DXA to see where our stations are operating.”

VK0EK said it would post updates as needed, but that everyone on site is busy, either working the pileups or packing. Listen to operator instructions! If the operator is calling for all-time new ones (ATNOs), and you are already in the log, stand by.

The VK0EX DXpedition is scheduled to wrap up on April 10.



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