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VP6R Pitcairn Island DXpedition Winding Down


With the CQ World Wide SSB Contest in the log (some 8,500 contacts on 160 – 10 meters), the VP6R Pitcairn Island DXpedition is approaching the end of its stay. VP6R operators have put some 60,000 contacts in Club Log, with just a few full days of operation left.

“We have had several days of torrential rain with high winds,” DXpedition leader Glenn Johnson, W0GJ, said in an update. “Some wind gusts were recorded at over 100 MPH. We have had damaged antennas, which, fortunately, have all been relatively easy to fix. The weather is starting to improve, but we are also near the beginning of the rainy season.”

Johnson reported “a very successful night” on October 28 on 160 meters with more than 500 FT8 contacts. VP6R will have two more nights of operation on 160 and 80 meters, and 24 more hours of operation on 40 – 10 meters.

Starting at 0100 UTC on October 30, VP6R will be on 160 and 80 CW. The last night, starting at 0100 UTC on October 31, VP6R will operate FT8 on those bands. The remote old radio site, where all low-band operation has taken place, will be dismantled after local sunrise on October 31.

The next morning, VP6R will terminate operations and dismantle, pack, and store equipment. Johnson said some of the VP6R equipment will be loaded onto the Braveheart for the Perseverance DX Group’s South Orkney DXpedition, set for February 20 – March 5. The VP6R team sets sail on November 3. — Thanks to OPDX and The Daily DX