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World Cup Special Event Stations, Prefixes On the Air until July 30


To mark the FIFA World Cup of football (soccer) competition now underway in Brazil, special event stations will be on the air until the end of July. Also, listen for special World Cup-related prefixes. LABRE, Brazil’s national Amateur Radio association, is promoting the “Brasil, Terra do Futebol” (Brazil, land of football) award. Twelve “key” stations are on the air with ZX14 prefixes, and 15 other “special” stations are using the prefix ZY14. Work four key stations, five special stations, and 25 other stations from Brazil for the bronze level award. For silver, work 8 key stations, 10 special stations, and 50 other stations in Brazil. For the gold award, work all 12 key stations, all 15 special stations, and 80 other stations from Brazil. There is only one special or key station per state, so anyone working all 12 key stations and all 15 special stations qualifies for the Worked All Brazil (WAB) Award.

For more information on the Brasil, Terra do Futebol and WAB awards, visit the LABRE website. 

Radio amateurs in Brazil may modify their prefixes from June 12 until July 14 by doubling the numeral. For example PY2AA would become PY22AA. If — and only if — Brazil wins the World Cup, all Brazilian Amateur Radio stations may modify their prefixes until the end of August by adding the number 6. For example, PY2AA would become PY26AA. The number 6 would mark Brazil’s sixth World Cup title.





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