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  • 11/01/2011 | HB9STEVE Remembering Steve Jobs

    Nov 1-Jan 1, 0000Z-0000Z, HB9STEVE, Lugano, SWITZERLAND. HB9ON Radio Group. All HF frequencies. QSL. HB9STEVE, c/o Fulvio Galli, In Piancamara, Origlio 6945, SWITZERLAND.

  • 02/01/2016 | Lawton City Parks on the Air

    Feb 1-Dec 31, 0001Z-2359Z, W5KS, Lawton, OK. Lawton-Ft SIll Amateur Radio Club. 14.240. Certificate. Lawton Fort Sill Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 892 , Lawton, OK 73501. Activate all 69 City of Lawton parks to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and increase Lawton, Oklahoma’s visibility not only in SW Oklahoma, but to the State of Oklahoma and nationwide. We will be active 80m-2m, exc warc bands Contact Ron Grossman, AF5Q at

  • 06/28/2016 | Narragansett Bay Lights and Islands

    Jun 28-Oct 23, 1400Z-2100Z, W1SYE, Newport, RI. Newport County Radio Club. 21.285 14.260 7.240. QSL. Chuck Kesson, PO Box 3103, Newport, RI 02840. Roger Williams and Miantonomi Bay Islands. Multiple island and light activations, many firsts, throughout the summer.

  • 07/01/2016 | Boeing's 100th Anniversary

    Jul 1-Jul 31, 0000Z-2359Z, various calls, multiple cities. Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society (BEARS) and Boeing Auxiallary Communications Service BACS). HF VHF UHF. Certificate & QSL. see information, on, website. Multiple Boeing affiliated amateur radio stations across the country will operate throughout the month of July in celebration of Boeing's 100th Anniversary. All stations will "self-spot" on the DX clusters when operating, so that you will be able to find a Boeing related "BEARS or BACS" station on the bands. Special "100th Anniversary" QSLs will be available with aircraft photos as well as a special certificate for working multiple stations. Complete information will be available at the time of the event on the BEARS- St Louis website listed above. QSL information will be available on the website as well.

  • 07/09/2016 | 160th anniversary of Nikola Tesla birth

    Jul 9-Aug 21, 0000Z-2359Z, TM160NT, Montigny le Bretonneux, FRANCE. Union des RadioClubs, radioamateurs et écouteurs . 28.460 21.360 14.260 7.160. Certificate & QSL. U.R.C Union des Radio-Clubs F8URC, 3 Rue Saint Lugle , LILLERS 62190, FRANCE. Contact on related subjects. QSL Via F8URC.

  • 07/15/2016 | 2016 Solar Car Challenge

    Jul 15-Jul 24, 0900Z-2359Z, W1N, Fort Worth, TX - Minneapolis, MN. Solar Education Program/Earth Day Texas. 14.343; 20 meters. QSL. Steve McDermott, KF5RVR, 801 Crystal Ln, Crowley, TX 76036. Beginning at Texas Motor Speedway through Minneapolis, Indiana, the Solar ar Challenge was established to help motivate students in science and engineering, ad to increase alternative energy awareness. The Challenge teaches high school students around the world how to build roadworthy solar cars. Operating times: July 15-16, limited operating; July 16-24 from 0900-1859 CDT.

  • 07/16/2016 | Red River Bridge War

    Jul 16-Jul 24, 0000Z-2359Z, W5I, Denison, TX. Grayson County Amateur Radio Club. 142.50 140.70 7.250 7.070. QSL. Grayson County Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 642, Sherman, TX 75091.

  • 07/18/2016 | Brickyard 400

    Jul 18-Jul 24, 1400Z-2359Z, W9IMS, Indianapolis, IN. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club. 18.140 14.245 7.240 3.840. Certificate & QSL. Indianapolis Motor Speedway ARC, PO Box 30954, Indianapolis, IN 46230. See URL for all the details!