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The ARRL Volunteer Counsel Program

The Volunteer Counsel Program has several goals. It was developed to provide a better means of tracking and, when necessary, opposing local ordinances and statutes that might have a detrimental effect on the Amateur Radio Service and League members.

The second goal is to compile and maintain an up-to-date list of attorneys capable of representing amateurs involved in antenna or RFI disputes. Amateurs who need the services of an attorney in their area to deal with local opposition to their radio activities frequently call Headquarters. Because attorneys must be admitted to the state bar in order to practice law in a given state, we need Volunteer Counsels in each state. Unfortunately, the following states and territories are not currently represented in the VC program: Delaware, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont. Amateurs who are attorneys in these states are especially needed.

The League does not expect a Volunteer Counsel to represent an amateur free of charge. When HQ makes referrals, the point is made that VCs make their living practicing law and amateurs should not expect free or reduced cost legal representation unless it is at the discretion of the VC. Volunteer Counsels are asked, however, to provide an initial consultation gratis so that the amateur may knowledgeably decide what further steps to take.

VCs shall keep their ARRL Division Director apprised of any legal matter the VC is working on if it was a result of a referral through the VC Program.

VCs must be full ARRL members, and licensed amateurs. VCs must be admitted to the bar in the state for which they are listed. If you are interested in becoming involved in either program, please complete the application and mail it to the Regulatory Information Branch at ARRL Headquarters. Lists of the existing Volunteer Counsels are also available.


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