VCE Description

The Volunteer Consulting Engineer Program

The Volunteer Consulting Engineer Program provides assistance to amateurs who may need to meet structural requirements set forth by local zoning authorities. Such engineering requirements are often necessary to obtain a permit to erect an antenna support structure. Hams often need an "expert witness" to certify that the tower in question meets or will meet the engineering requirements of local ordinances. Amateurs who need assistance are referred to Volunteer Consulting Engineers in their area.

As with Volunteer Counsels, VCEs are not expected to provide their services for free, but are asked to provide an initial consultation gratis and to consider giving discounted rates to amateurs where possible to meet a common goal for the good of Amateur Radio in the community. Unfortunately, there are some states where the ARRL has no VCEs.

VCEs shall keep their Division Director apprised of engineering work that they are doing if it was a result of a referral through the VCE Program.

VCEs must be full ARRL members, and licensed amateurs as well as Registered Professional (structural, civil or mechanical) Engineers. If you are interested in becoming involved in either program, please complete the application and mail it to the Regulatory Information Branch at ARRL Headquarters. Locate an existing Volunteer Consulting Engineer in your area.


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