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ARRL General Bulletin ARLB052 (1999)

ARLB052 FCC Sequential Call Sign Update

QST de W1AW  
ARRL Bulletin 52  ARLB052
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  August 19, 1999
To all radio amateurs 

ARLB052 FCC Sequential Call Sign Update

The following shows the last call sign in each group to be assigned
for each FCC district under the sequential call sign system as of
August 9, 1999.

For more information about the sequential call sign system, see FACT
SHEET PR5000 #206-S dated May 1998. Further questions can be
directed in writing to Federal Communications Commission, 1270
Fairfield Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245; e-mail

District        Group A  Group B   Group C   Group D
                Extra    Advanced  Tech/Gen  Novice
    0           AB0IX    KI0QQ      ++       KC0GHO
    1           AA1UQ    KE1LQ      ++       KB1EHX
    2           AB2GI    KG2QY      ++       KC2FKG
    3           AA3ST    KF3DJ      ++       KB3EDE
    4           AF4PL    KV4BN      ++       KG4EIC
    5           AC5TB    KM5VS      ++       KD5HYZ
    6           AD6JA    KR6CG      ++       KF6YKY
    7           AC7BK    KK7UC      ++       KD7GHF
    8           AB8EK    KI8JA      ++       KC8MYF
    9           AA9XG    KG9QB      ++       KB9VBQ
N Mariana Is    NH0P     AH0BC     KH0IF     WH0ABM
Guam             ++      AH2DL     KH2UN     WH2AOB
Hawaii          WH7B     AH6PW     KH7UY     WH6DGA
American Samoa  AH8R     AH8AH     KH8DO     WH8ABI
Alaska          AL0Q     AL7RM     KL0UI     WL7CVD
Virgin Island    ++      KP2CP     NP2KN     WP2AIK
Puerto Rico     WP3E     KP3BM     WP3DY     WP4NOQ

++ All call signs in this group have been issued in this district.
Call sign grants will be drawn from the next call sign group.