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ARRL General Bulletin ARLB086 (1995)

ARLB086 Quello opposes FCC cuts
QST de W1AW  
ARRL Bulletin 86  ARLB086
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  September 12, 1995
To all radio amateurs 
ARLB086 Quello opposes FCC cuts
Long-time FCC Commissioner James H. Quello has opposed a proposal by
Chairman Reed Hundt to close some Commission offices and reduce
Quello said that while in principle he supports the idea of
streamlining when possible, that he was ''not prepared'' to support
Hundt's proposal, especially concerning staff reductions.  ''I am
concerned,'' Quello said, ''with the rushed timing of (Hundt's)
administrative approach. I believe any reductions should have been
discussed with Commissioners in advance of a one-day notice,
particularly while Congress is in recess and some Commissioners are
on vacation.
''In my view, any reorganization of this commission must take
careful account of our core functions,'' Quello said, ''and assure
that their integrity is not compromised.  I am not sure the plan
described...  will achieve this, particularly in light of the sharp
disagreement that has arisen over the staffing and functions of the
field offices of our Compliance and Information Bureau.  In my
opinion, there are other areas for reductions that do not involve
the vital local public service of the Compliance and Information
Bureau in numerous large cities.
''I will pay particularly close attention to assuring that those
parts of the Commission that allocate the spectrum, safeguard its
integrity, and license its use are not adversely impacted,'' Quello
The proposal would close three FCC regional offices, nine field
offices, and all nine monitoring stations.  More information
appeared in a previous bulletin and will appear in October QST
League Lines.