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ARRL DX Bulletin ARLD040 (2011)

ARLD040 DX news

QST de W1AW  
DX Bulletin 40  ARLD040
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  September 29, 2011
To all radio amateurs   

ARLD040 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
NC1L, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, The Daily DX, DXNL, The Weekly
DX, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM
web sites.  Thanks to all.

AZERBAIJAN, 4J.  Members of the Federation of Radio Sports
Aserbaidschan and Safari DX Activators Club are QRV as 4K3K, 4J0K
and 4J0SFR from Nagorno-Karabakh until October 2.  QSL 4K3K and 4J0K
direct via RW6HS and 4J0SFR via 4J5T.

NIGERIA, 5N.  Bodo, DF8DX will be QRV as 5N7Q from October 3 to 15.
Activity will be on 80 to 10 meters.  QSL to home call.

SABLE ISLAND, CY0.  Al, VE1AWW will be QRV as CY0/VE1AWW beginning
October 5 until December 31 while on work assignment.  Activity is
in his spare time.  QSL to home call.

ANGOLA, D2.  Craig, MM0SSG is QRV as D2SG for six to nine months.
He may usually be active as his spare time permits.  QSL via GM4FDM.

FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, DA.  A group of operators will be QRV
as DK0RZ and DL0DFF from Hallig Hooge, IOTA EU-042, from October 5
to 8.  Activity will be on the HF bands using CW, SSB and PSK31.
QSL via bureau.

REUNION, FR.  Willi, DJ7RJ will be QRV as FR/DJ7RJ from October 4 to
26.  Activity will be mainly on the low bands.  QSL direct to home

SCOTLAND, GM.  A group of operators will be QRV as MS0WRC from the
Isle of Tiree, IOTA EU-008, from October 1 to 8.  QSL via G0MTD.

HK0/DL5YWM from San Andres, IOTA NA-033, from October 5 to 13.  He
will be active on 40 to 6 meters using CW and SSB.  He also plans to
make a side trip to Providencia, IOTA NA-049.  QSL to home call.

SVALBARD, JW.  Karl, LA8DW is QRV as JW8DW until October 5.  QSL to
home call.

NORWAY, LA.  Members of the Nedre Romerike Gruppe av NRRL are QRV as
LM9L40Y until December 31 to celebrate their 40th anniversary.  QSL
via LA9L.

NETHERLANDS, PA.  Ric, DL2VFR is QRV as PA/DL2VFR from Amneland,
IOTA EU-038, until October 6.  Activity is on the HF bands using
mostly CW.  QSL to home call.

EAST KIRIBATI, T32.  Members of the Five Star DXers Association are
QRV as T32C from Kiritimati, IOTA OC-024, until October 25.
Activity is on 80 to 10 meters with two stations active.  QSL direct
via G3NUG.

SOMALIA, T5.  Michael, PA5M, will be QRV as 6O0M on October 2 to 4
in his spare time.  QSL via PA7FM.

UZBEKISTAN, UJ.  Takhir, UA1ZEY is QRV as UK/UA1ZEY from Samarkand
until October 13.  Activity is on the HF bands using mostly CW.  QSL
direct via RW6HS.

MICRONESIA, V6.  Operators JA7HMZ and JA7GYP will be QRV as V63DX
and V63T, respectively, from Pohnpei, IOTA OC-010, from October 3 to
8.  Activity will be on all bands using CW, SSB and RTTY.  QSL
direct to home calls.

CANADA, VE.  Special event station CJ3A is QRV throughout the month
of October to celebrate the centennial of Parks Canada.  QSL via

MACQUARIE ISLAND, VK0.  Trevor, VK8TH is QRV as VK0TH from Macca.
Activity is on 80 to 6 meters.  His length of stay is unknown.  QSL
direct via JE1LET.

CAMBODIA, XU.  Hiroo, JA2EZD is QRV as XU7SSB and XU7AAA for two
weeks.  Activity is on 17 to 6 meters using SSB.  QSL direct to home
VANUATU, YJ.  A group of operators are QRV as YJ0VK from Port Vila
on Efate Island, IOTA OC-035, until October 12.  Activity is on 160
to 10 meters, including 60 meters, using CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31.
QSL via VK2CA.

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO.  Oceania DX Phone Contest, NCCC Sprint,
TARA PSK Rumble Contest, EPC Russia DX Contest, WAB HF Phone, TRC DX
Contest, F9AA CW and SSB Cup, California QSO Party, EU Autumn SSB
Sprint, International HELL-Contest, UBA ON SSB Contest and the RSGB
21/28 MHz Contest are all scheduled for this weekend.  The German
Telegraphy Contest is scheduled for October 3.  The ARS Spartan CW
Sprint is scheduled for October 4.  Please see October QST, page
page 87 and the ARRL and WA7BNM Contest Web Sites for details.


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