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ARRL DX Bulletin ARLD041 (1995)

ARLD041 DX news
QST de W1AW  
DX Bulletin 41  ARLD041
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  July 27, 1995
To all radio amateurs   
ARLD041 DX news
This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
DX-NL, 425 DX News, Helen, VE2YAK, Mike, K3UOC, Charlie, KY0A,
KE4IL, Murray, WA4DAN, Joe, NJ1Q, and Contest Corral from QST.
Thanks to all.
SAUDI ARABIA.  Mike, K3UOC, arrived back in the states earlier this
month.  Mike made 32,332 contacts between October 11, 1994 and July
6, 1995.  97 percent of the QSOs were on CW, the remainder on SSB.
He plans on returning to the middle east on September 14 and
reactivate 7Z5OO.  The licensee of 7Z5OO is His Royal Highness
Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.  The station is
located at the Prince's Palace in Riyadh.  Mike will be active on
160 through 10 meters and will bring 6 meter gear with him in the
hope of his VHF operating application being approved by the Saudi
PTT.  QSL via W1AF.
plans to be active on CW and SSB from July 30 to August 16.  Call
signs mentioned are VK9CJ and VK9XI.
LAOS, XW.  Andreas, DK9LM, ex TA1ZE, will be in Laos for twenty
months and plans on applying for permission to operate.
NAMIBIA.  Charlie, KY0A, will be signing either V52YG or V52/ZS6YG,
from August 7 to 10.  He will be active before sunrise and after
sunset on 160 through 30 meter CW only.  QSL via KY0A.
SAINT PAUL ISLAND.  This operation should be on through August 2 on
160 through 6 meters, as well as some satellite work.  QSL via
IOTA NOTES.  Yuki, JI6KVR, will be on the air July 29 and 30 from
Amakusa Archipelago, AS-012.  QSL via EA5KB.  XJ1CWI will be an all
band effort operating from Pictou Island, NA-154,  July 28 to August
2 or 3.  QSL via the West Island Amateur Radio Club Inc, PO Box 884,
Pointe Claire/Dorval, Quebec, H9R 4Z6 Canada.
5N0MVE           3798 kHz at 2200z
VP8CPC           3791/2225
4S7/JA4FM        7005 kHz at 1825z
5A1A             7051/2350 and 7005/0415  QSL via LZ2UA
OA4BHV           7095/0555
TT8AB            7070/2140
5A1A            10100 kHz at 2205z
9X2P            10114/2210   QSL via N1IR
TI4/AA7JM       10115/0125
VS6BG           10100/2220
5A1A            14020 kHz at 0800z and 14200/1440
7P8SR           14034/0615
7X2CR           14021/0625  QSL via IS0LYN
9N1RHM          14197/1730
9Q5MRC          14004/2130  QSL via G3MRC
9U/F5FHI        14010/0536
9X2P            14025/2205
D3T             14191/1910  QSL via ON5NT
FK8HC           14030/2025  QSL via CBA
HV3SJ           14225/0615
S92YL           14220/1055
S0RASD          14080/2044  RTTY
TJ1JB           14029/1845  QSL via KE9A
V44KAO          14028/2245
V73C            14035/0950  QSL via N4GAK
ZK3RW           14025/0941  QSL via ZL1AMO
5A1A            18069 kHz at 0955z
8R1Z            18120/2215
9G1UW           18151/1705
AP2N            18124/1300
D3T             18145/1005  (OP ON6TT)
OK1EE/OD5       18069/1725
OY/DK9FE        18080/0950
TL8CK           18142/1730
V63AO           18135/1000
3B8/NK6F        21014 kHz at 1215z  
5A1A            21020/1735 and 21200/1915
9V1ZG           21011/0910
A92Q            21007/1040
YO3YX/D2        21266/0945
4U/KC0PA        21290/1450  QSL via VE9RHS
CP8CRT          21210/1555
5A1A            24890 kHz at 1395z
D3T             24945/1500
TK/F6AUS        24895/0835
HV4NAC          24950/1600
5A1A            28019 kHz at 1935z
C53HG           28477/2000
QSL INFO.  KE4IL reports receiving cards for TU2EY and TU4EY.  The
correct path is to QSL both stations via Daniel Sullivan, KE4I.  And
the following is from the ARRL W5 Incoming QSL Bureau Manager.  QSL
AR5N via the Pakistan Amateur Radio Society, GPO Box 1450,
Islamabad, Pakistan.  QSL YI9CW via DF3NZ.  AMxxxx and AOxxxx are
Spanish stations.  QSL ZA9A via OKDXF, NOT the OKDXA.  QSL V73C via
N4GAK.  3B8DB direct.  Only send cards via NA5U for contacts before
3/1/91.  QSL 9M8AJ, 9M8DB and BY9GA direct ONLY.
THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO.  The RSGB IOTA Contest runs from 1200z
July 29 to 1200z July 30 on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters only.
Exchange signal report, serial number and IOTA reference number if
The Venezuelan Independence Day Contest is from 0000z July 28 to
2400z July 30 on 80 through 10 meter CW only.  Exchange signal
report and QSO number.
For more information on these events, see page 114 in July QST.


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