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ARRL DX Bulletin ARLD044 (1995)

ARLD044 DX news
QST de W1AW  
DX Bulletin 44  ARLD044
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  August 17, 1995
To all radio amateurs   
ARLD044 DX news
This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
Tedd, KB8NW, Rolf, SM5MX, Hans, K0HB, Bruce, WA3RHW, Bob, N8CW,
K6URI, W3HG, Joe, NJ1Q, the OPDX Bulletin and Contest Corral from
QST.  Thanks to all.
LAOS, XW.  Andreas, DK9LM and ex-TA1ZE, is in Laos for 20 months and
will try to obtain a license to operate.
MADAGASCAR, 5R.  Shun, JF1MGI/VK9MG, will be in Madagascar until the
end of September to conduct medical studies, specifically the
ecosystems of rare animals.  Radio activity will be concentrated
during the third week of September using the call sign 5R8EU, with
an emphasis on RTTY, PacTOR and low bands.  QSL to his home CBA.
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, A6.  Listen for newly licensed amateurs A61AI
and A61AM.
SLOVENIA, S5.  A recent PacketCluster QSN reported Baldur, DJ6SI,
operating S5/DJ6SI on 7005 kHz around 2230z.
THAILAND, HS.  HS7CDI and 7L1MFS will sign HS2/7L1MFS from the Samet
Islands, AS-107, August 19 and 20.  Check IOTA frequencies.  QSL via
LIBYA, 5A.  It has been reported that there are three operators at
the 5A1A club station.  Check 7005 kHz at 2000z for CW and 14207 or
14243 for SSB.  A station signing 5A/G0UCT showed Friday on 14020
kHz between 1515 and 1630z.  This station was a slim.
DXPEDITION NEWS.  Ali, ZP5ALI, will be on the air from Syria as
YK1/ZP5ALI August 22 to 27, from Egypt as SU1/ZP5ALI August 28 to
September 3 and Lebanon as OD5FR September 4 to 14.  He will run SSB
on 20, 15 and 10 meters.  QSL to Fagues Rahal, Avda Pacheco 5257,
Asuncion, Paraguay.
VIETNAM, XV.  Rolf, SM5MX, aka XV7SW, is back home in Sweden.  He
heads back to Hanoi on August 26.  Contrary to earlier reports, he
was not active on 160, 80 or 40 meters, though he has plans to
install antennas for these bands upon his return to Hanoi.
Installing CW filters in his rig is also on the To Do list.  XV7SW
QSL cards were printed and Rolf plans to start sending out cards in
ARUBA, P4.  Jack, N2VW, will be signing P40T from Aruba September 5
to 12.  He will be in on the WAEDC SSB Contest action.  QSL this
operation of P40T via N2VW with SASE/SAE with postage.
will be signing /VP5 from Providenciales Island September 7 to 26,
all bands/modes.  They will sign VP5C for the WAE SSB and CQ WW RTTY
contests.  QSL via PA3ERC.
SAINT MAARTEN.  Mike, K6URI, will be operating as PJ7/K6URI
September 9 to 23 on 40, 20 and 15 meters.  Extra effort will be
made to work novices on 40 meters.  QSL via K6URI w/SASE or postage.
All novices will receive cards, regardless of SASE/postage status.
BERMUDA, VP9. Don, W4ZYT, plans on being active from Southampton
Parish as W4ZYT/VP9 September 16 to 22.  Activity will be mostly CW
on 40 through 15 meters.
WAKE ISLAND, KH9.  Tom, AL7EL, will be active as KH9/AL7EL in late
QSL NOTES.  Bob, N8CW, reports receiving cards for V44KAQ, though he
is not and has never been QSL manager for this station.  QSL V44KAQ
direct.  K2AOQ is receiving cards for V44KAO.  He, too, is not the
QSL manager.  QSL V44KAO direct.
W3HG is receiving QSL cards for C53HG.  The correct QSL manager for
C53HG is W3HCW.
Mike, K6URI, has been receiving cards for the July 1995 operation of
P40Z, though this was NOT his operation.  The P40Z operation by
K6URI was the SSB WPX contest for March 1992 ONLY.  Mike will return
cards received with SASE/postage but cannot send back those without
QSL's for Hamad, 9K2HN should now go via the bureau or direct to
Hamad J. Al-Nusif, PO BOX 29174, 13152 Safat, State of Kuwait.
THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO.  Take your pick as there appears to be
something for nearly everyone.  Details on the ARRL 10 GHz
Cumulative, KCJ, and SARTG Worldwide RTTY contests, and the New
Jersey and North American QSO parties appear on pages 114 and 115 in
July QST.  Info on the European DX Contest CW is on page 119 in
August QST.


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