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ARRL DX Bulletin ARLD052 (2005)

ARLD052 DX news

QST de W1AW  
DX Bulletin 52  ARLD052
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  December 29, 2005
To all radio amateurs   

ARLD052 DX news

This weeks bulletin was made possible with information provided by
DS4NMJ, the OPDX Bulletin, The Daily DX, 425DXnews, DXNL, WA7BNM and
Contest Corral from QST.  Thanks to all.

JAMAICA, 6Y.  Kan, AB2RF will be QRV as 6Y5/AB2RF from January 2 to
4.  Activity will be on the low bands using mostly digital modes.
QSL to home call.

CROATIA, 9A.  Members of the Amateur Radio Club Koprivnica will be
QRV using special anniversary call 9A650C during all of 2006 to
celebrate 650 years of the town of Koprivnica.  QSL via 9A7K.

ZAMBIA, 9J.  Brian, 9J2BO has been QRV on 80 meters just before
0400z.  QSL via G3TEV.

NEPAL, 9N.  Pop, 9N7JO has been QRV on 40 meters around 1300z.  QSL
via operator's instructions.

TONGA, A3.  Paul, A35RK has been QRV on 12 meters between 2130 and
2300z.  QSL via W7TSQ.

SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS.  Sang, DS4NMJ will be QRV as DT8A from the
King Sejong Station on King George Island, IOTA AN-010, from January
1 to December 31, 2006.  Activity will be on 160 to 10 meters using
CW, SSB and RTTY.  QSL via operator's instructions.

BELARUS, EU.  Georg, EU1AB has been QRV on 160 meters between 0150
to 0300z.  QSL to home call.

REUNION ISLAND, FR.  Jules, FR1AN has been QRV on 10 meters around
1400z, 12 meters around 1600z and 15 meters around 1700z.  QSL via

THAILAND, HS.  Tony, E21IZC is QRV on 40 meters from 1200 to 1400z
until December 31.  He will then be QRV as E21IZC/8 from January 1
and 2 from the Chumporn Province in northern Thailand.  Activity
will also be on 40 meters between 1100 and 1700z.  QSL via EA5KB.

ARGENTINA, LU.  Special callsign LR3DX is QRV until January 6 to
celebrate the 100 years of the Recalada Lighthouse at Bahia Blanca.
QSL via operators' instructions.

ALAND ISLANDS, OH0.  Look for OH0/IZ0FKE to be QRV from the Alandia
Club Station from December 31 to January 4.  QSL via IZ0FMA.

SEYCHELLES, S7.  Ken, S79NC has been QRV on 40 meters around 2200z.
QSL via 9V1NC.

EGYPT, SU.  Greiss, SU1GS is QRV from Cairo and has been active on
40 meters around 2100z.  QSL to home call.

GREECE, SV.  Special callsign SY2EEC has been active on 40, 20, 17
and 15 using SSB.  QSL via SV2KBB.

ICELAND, TF.  Ari, TF3ARI continues to be QRV on 60 meters after
1130z.  QSL direct to home call.

MARSHALL ISLANDS, V7.  Kaoru, JA3MCA is QRV as V73Z until January 2.
Activity is on 80 to 10 meters using CW and SSB.  QSL to home call.
Meanwhile, Randy, N5LE is QRV as V73RY and has been active on 20, 17
and 15 meters at various times.  QSL to home call.

FALKLAND ISLANDS, VP8.  Bob, VP8LP has been QRV on 20 meters using
SSB around 0700 to 1000z and 2300 to 0200z.  QSL to home call.

CHAGOS ISLAND, VQ9.  Larry, VQ9LA has been active on 12 meters
around 1200z, 40 meters around 1300 to 1500z, and then on 160 meters
around 2300z.  QSL via operator's instructions.

ST. HELENA, ZD7.  Peter, ZD7FT has been active on 40 meters around
2200z, 15 meters around 2100z and 20 meters around 0700z.  QSL
direct to home call.

Year RTTY Contest, AGCW Happy New Year CW Contest, AGCW VHF/UHF
Contest, New Year's Snowball Contest, ARS Spartan CW Sprint, HA
Happy New Year Contest and the NCCC Thursday CW Sprint will
certainly keep contesters busy this holiday weekend.  Please see
December QST, page 86, January 2006 QST, page 101 and the ARRL and
WA7BNM contest websites for details.


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