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ARRL DX Bulletin ARLD060 (1995)

ARLD060 DX news

DX Bulletin 60  ARLD060
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  November 30, 1995
To all radio amateurs

ARLD060 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with info provided by Walt,
G3NYY, Piero, IK1TZO, Jean Michel, F6AJA, Barrie, W3ENL/8, Joe,
NJ1Q, Theo, C91BT/PA3CBH, Uwe, DL9GOA, Chris, G4BUE, the Yankee
Clipper Contest Club PacketCluster network and Contest Corral from
QST.  Thanks to all.

VIETNAM, 3W.  3W5FM was worked by AA6TT in Colorado on 1831 kHz
around the Vietnamese sunrise.

NORTHERN MARIANAS.  Allen, KN6AH, will return to Saipan and Tinian
Islands in mid-March and operate for 4 or 5 days.  Plans are to run
100 watts on 40 to 10 meter CW and SSB.  Allen has been the operator
behind the calls VK1AAH and V63SA.

SEYCHELLES, S79.  Gerard, F2JD, will continue operating S79JD until
around December 8 or so.  His return trip to Kenya has been
canceled, though Malagasy, 5R, is still on for early January.

MOZAMBIQUE, C91.  Theo, PA3CBH, ex-YN1TV, is now working in
Mozambique and licensed as C91BT.

EASTER ISLAND, CE0.  As part of their return trip from Paraguay,
JA7AYE and JA7XQV plan to stop on Easter Island and sign XQ0/ their
home calls, probably from late December to January 3.  Operations
will be mainly CW.  QSL via JA7AYE.

SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS, VP8.  CE9AP is on the air from the Chilean
Antarctic installation at Arturo Base on Greenwich Island.  QSL via

GIBRALTAR, ZB2.  Jorma, OH2KI, has been on 10 meters operating as

GREENLAND.  OX3XR tries to get on 1825 kHz between 2200 and 2300z
every Wednesday.  QSL via OZ3PZ.  OX3LK is also active on 160m.

KERGUELEN ISLAND, FT8.  Jean Jacques, FT5XK, is on the air most days
on 14136 kHz around 1600z.

JORDAN, JY.  Bob, WB9YXY, who was active as JY8XY in October, left
his RTTY equipment for JY4MB, who is now working that mode.

ASIATIC RUSSIA, UA0.  Oleg, R0/UR8LV, has been very busy on the low
bands from Zone 18 recently.  Try 160 meters around 0345z.

SWAZILAND, 3DA0.  Jon, 3DA0CA, has been working American stations on
160 meters between 2300 and 2400z using a broadcast antenna.  After
being on 40 and 80 meters, he returned to 160 at 0250 and worked
Sweden and stateside stations, including two in Colorado before the
band died at 0304z, six minutes after his local sunrise.  QSL via

ZAMBIA, 9J.  Ely, IN3VZE, should be active as 9J2CE until December
5.  QSL via his home call.

JAMAICA, 6Y5.  Alan, G3XAQ, will be QRV on QRP CW as G3XAQ/6Y5
through December 12.  QSL via G3XAQ.

BAHAMAS, C6A.  Listen for Meg, N2NQI, Dave, WG3I, Walt, G3NYY, and
Tim, G4VXE, signing their home calls /C6A from New Providence
Island, IOTA NA-001, December 2 to 10.  Activity will be on all
bands, mainly CW and RTTY.  QSL via home calls, direct or via

BERMUDA.  Bill, KM1E, will sign C6AGN from Green Turtle Cay from
mid-December through mid-February, and again from mid-March to
mid-April.  Operations will be on 160 to 6 meters.

MOST WANTED COUNTRIES WORLD-WIDE.  Results from The DX Bulletin 1995
survey, though no surprise, shows North Korea, P5, holding the
number 1 spot.  In descending order, the rest of the top ten are
Bhutan, A5, Andaman Isl, VU4, Heard Isl, VK0, Yemen, 7O, Libya, 5A,
Macquarie, VK0, Tromelin, FR/T, Laccadive, VU7, and Mount Athos,

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO.  Rules for the ARRL 160-Meter Contest
appear on pages 130 and 131 in November QST.  Info on the QRP ARCI
Holiday Spirits Homebrew CW Sprint and the TOPS Activity 3.5 MHz CW
Contest are on page 116 of December QST.


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