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ARRL Propagation Bulletin ARLP015 (1995)

ARLP015 Propagation de KT7H
QST de W1AW  
Propagation Forecast Bulletin 15  ARLP015
>From Tad Cook, KT7H
Seattle, WA  March 31, 1995
To all radio amateurs 
ARLP015 Propagation de KT7H
Solar activity is still low.  Flux peaked at 95 last week, but the
average level was only slightly higher than the week before.
Disturbed conditions peaked on the 26th, when the K index rose to
six at 1500z, and the A index was 29 for the day.  K indices are now
back to low levels, and conditions should remain stable until April
Solar flux should bottom out around 80 from April 6 thru 9, then
rise above 90 after April 18.
Sunspot Numbers for March 23 through 29 were 78, 68, 67, 83, 56, 28
and 52, with a mean of 61.7.  10.7 cm flux was 94.2, 95, 92, 90, 89,
83.7 and 80.9, with a mean of 89.3.
The latest projection from the NOAA Space Environment Service Center
shows solar flux reaching a minimum for this cycle around September
or October, 1996 and the sunspot count reaching the same level
around April through June of that year.
The same forecast shows levels rising back to the current level
around two years from now.
The solar graphing program for Windows from Scott Craig, WA4TTK, is
now available for anonymous FTP on the internet courtesy of the
Boston Amateur Radio Club and WY1Z.  The file name is SOL201W.ZIP
and is in the directory /pub/hamradio at