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ARRL Satellite Bulletin ARLS017 (2015)

ARLS017 Fox-1A is Now AO-85, Transponder Temporarily Active!

QST de W1AW  
Space Bulletin 017  ARLS017
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington, CT  October 9, 2015
To all radio amateurs

ARLS017 Fox-1A is Now AO-85, Transponder Temporarily Active!

In what might have been record speed, AMSAT's new Fox-1A satellite
received its OSCAR designation on the day of its launch, and its FM
transponder has been activated temporarily until 0000 UTC on October
10. AMSAT OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO, early today
announced that Fox-1A is now AO-85, and the CubeSat has been
dedicated to the individual who was at the helm of AMSAT's CubeSat
projects until his death last year. The satellite launched on
October 8 at 1249 UTC. Fox-1A was briefly in transponder mode early
on October 9 (UTC).

"I have been informed of the successful launch today, October 8,
2015, of the AMSAT-NA-built Fox-1A CubeSat. I am also informed that
the satellite has been heard by several amateurs in various
countries," Tynan said in a news release. "This successful launch
comes after years of diligent and dedicated work on the part of
AMSAT-NA volunteers including Tony Monteiro, AA2TX, who became a
Silent Key in March 2014. It was Tony who spearheaded and guided the
work on all AMSAT-NA CubeSats until his untimely passing. Thus, it
is only fitting that this spacecraft be dedicated to his memory."

As Tynan noted, Jerry Buxton, N0JY, took over Monteiro's post of
AMSAT-NA Vice President for Engineering and successfully completed
the project through its preparation for launch.

"All of those who had a part in designing, constructing and testing
Fox-1A and its various subsystems are to be congratulated for jobs
well done," Tynan said. "Since Fox-1A was properly coordinated
through IARU as an Amateur Radio satellite, has been successfully
launched and its signals have been received; I, under the authority
vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, do hereby issue to Fox-1A
the designation AMSAT-OSCAR-85, or AO-85."

"A Great Day"

Telemetry and a distinctive voice ID from the new CubeSat have been
heard around the world. Fox-1A/AO-85 telemetry reports - raw and
decoded - now are available on the AMSAT website. The FoxTelem
software is available via the AMSAT website at, . Those attempting to copy AO-85
telemetry are advised to use a "data out" source rather than
"speaker" audio, since the low-rate telemetry is subaudible.

"This was a great day for AMSAT, and for satellite operators around
the world," Patrick Stoddard, WD9EWK/VA7EWK, posted to the AMSAT-BB.
"Almost 6 years to the day the AMSAT Fox project was unveiled at the
2009 AMSAT Space Symposium in Baltimore, we now have the first of a
series of Fox-1 satellites in orbit. Some have even been able to
talk through the satellite, with many more hearing the voice
announcements and copying telemetry. Congratulations to all who have
had a hand in building and launching Fox-1A today, and thanks to
everyone who has supported the Fox project over the past 6 years!"

AMSAT has produced a free, commemorative issue of the AMSAT Journal
that highlights the Fox-1A launch success. AMSAT also has posted a
news report on the launch at, .


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