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ARRL Special Bulletin ARLX025 (1995)

ARLX025 CT Amateur Radio Week
QST de W1AW  
Special Bulletin 25  ARLX025
>From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  June 13, 1995
To all radio amateurs 
ARLX025 CT Amateur Radio Week
Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland has designated June 19 to 25,
1995, as Amateur Radio Awareness Week in the state.  This week
includes the weekend of ARRL Field Day and is an ideal time for
amateurs in other states as well to obtain such public recognition.
Rowland, in his statement, cited the 9200 licensed hams in the
state, as well as Amateur Radio operators' donation of their
services ''free to municipalities and civic organizations.''
Rowland also noted the upcoming Special Olympics, to be held in New
Haven, Connecticut, next month, saying that the organizers have
''requested the radio amateurs of Connecticut to provide operational
and backup communications for this important event; and .... will
also provide international and domestic communications for the
athletes to their families in their home countries and cities, and
will perform these services on a volunteer, no-charge basis.''
Finally, Rowland cited the 50 Amateur Radio clubs in the state, the
upcoming ARRL Field Day, and Newington, home of the ARRL.
A sample proclamation is included in Field Day packages from ARRL
Headquarters or may be requested separately from HQ.