Click here for a listing of NPOTA sites that will be active in the next ten days.

  • Rules

    Complete rules for Activators and Chasers in the National Parks on the Air event. Go Now

  • Leaderboard

    Track your progress in NPOTA! Includes all Chasers and Activators, a calendar of activations, and more. Go Now

  • FAQ

    Answers to basic questions about NPOTA. This page will be updated throughout the year. Go Now

  • List of NPOTA Units

    A simple list of all eligible NPOTA units. A more comprehensive list may be found in the Leader Board section. Go Now

  • Activator Tips and NPS Forms

    Tips from Activators, plus park-specific forms from NPS units themselves. Have a tip? Share it with other activators here. Go Now

  • NPOTA Merchandise

    Show off your pride in ARRL and the National Parks! A wide variety of NPOTA merchandise to choose from. Go Now

  • NPOTA Documents

    Links to the Activators Guide, NPOTA logos, and other documents. Go Now

  • NPOTA on Social Media

    Share your NPOTA stories and photos online through ARRL social media! Go Now

  • For NPS Employees

    Answers to basic questions about Amateur Radio and the NPOTA program, geared toward NPS employees. Go Now

  • Latest News

    Click here for the latest news and updates on the NPOTA program Go Now

  • NPOTA Photo Contest

    Every month, we'll pick a photo of an NPOTA activation to highlight in QST! Go Now

  • Multiple Units List

    In some cases, it is possible to activate more than one unit simultaneously. Here's the list of known NPOTA unit combinations. Go Now

  • NPOTA In The Media

    NPOTA media hits.

  • Disqualified Activations

    A list of activations ruled to be ineligible for NPOTA.