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Hams have been putting stations in their cars since the Twenties (1920's that is). Today, there is great satisfaction in facing the challenge of installing a transceiver in our small cars and pick-ups, using somewhat inefficient antennas, and still being able to make contacts with hams thousands of miles away while "tooling" down the highway. Another clear need for mobile operation is for those facing antenna restrictions in their homes. For these folks, ham radio is not a total loss since a mobile station will allow them access to choice locations such as hill tops from which to pursue their hobby. This page will help you get into and enjoy this "real fun" part of the hobby.


Operating Mobile coming soon!

In the meantime, you can visit the ARRL Technical Information web page on setting up a mobile station.


HF Mobile


An informative program about installing HF radios and antennas in a vehicle, with emphasis on safety, performance and RFI.


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