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BPL Web Sites

Web Links

Government Sites

Australian Communications Authority
This official Australian government site outlines the Australian government's policy and regulations about BPL.

Organization Sites

Wireless Institute of Australia
This site contains information on interviews with WIA representatives and BPL trials are regulations in Australia.

Associaton of German Speaking Shortwave Listeners
This German-language BPL page is on the site of the Associaton of German Speaking Shortwave Listeners

JARL BPL web page - in Japanse
Google translation into English

PLC in Japan
This web page features a number of audio recordings of BPL interference from in-premise BPL modems in Japan.  Most dramatic are some of the demonstrations of strong interference to international shortwave broadcasting.  The site also includes an excellent tutorial on BPL/PLC in Japan, as well as some spectral meaurements.

South Africa
This paper explains the South African SARL position on BPL/PLC.

Club Sites

Cedar Rapids BPL Trial Information

Central Texas DX and Contest Club

Menlo Park, CA
See also the BPL information on The Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association web page.

Rochester, MN BPL Team


Stop BPL!
This page about BPL is written from the perspective of shortwave listening.

VK1OD - BPL pages including interference evaluation tool
This page includes BPL information and a link to software that can be used to use communications receivers to make field-strength measurements.

Are you ready for BPL enablement of your home and neighbourhood?
This informational brochure was prepared to help amateurs in Australia understand the BPL issues.

BPL - Broadband over Power Lines
Daniel Woodie, KC8ZUM
 This page is devoted to information on BPL as a technology as well as observations of interference (or the lack thereof) by amateur radio operators and others.

BPL Discussion Groups


This list is primarily directed toward a discussion of the interference being caused by BPL systems to amateur, CB and short-wave radio listeners.


This list is for discussion of Broadband over Power Line (BPL), and Power Line Communications (PLC) technology. At this time, it is still being tested in various locations, and is very promising. There are certain concerns with this new way to access the Internet, and discussions of the pros and cons of BPL are welcome here.


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