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Chapter Eight: Administration

Chapter Eight: Administration


8.1 Getting Organized


Becoming a well organized Technical Coordinator or Technical Specialist initially takes extra effort, but eventually saves time that used to be wasted in hunting for information. Here's two organizer items:

  1. A three-ring folder (or binder).
  2. A paper punch.

The hard cover folder has three rings that can be snapped open and closed. On the front cover and backbone edge are big labels "Technical Coordinator." Any TC received paper work, or a copy sent, has three holes punched in it along one edge. Then the pages are put into the folder in date order, with the most recent at the front. Cut 8% by 11 inch pieces of thin scrap cardboard and punch three holes in them to be used as the first page, last page and dividers. The cardboard adds sturdiness and prevents papers from curling. Cardboard can be found at the back of most large tablets.

Most of my outgoing letters are stored on computer diskette, but it's helpful to make printed copies and save them in the three-ring folder for reference. Sometimes a first draft of a letter is good enough to serve as a folder copy; a better copy, if needed, can always be made later from the diskette.

Perhaps you don't have an abundance of paper work, thank goodness. But for some reason I do, and find that the three-ring folder and paper punch method keeps information well organized. Just in case you move on to another ARRL appointment or section, you'll have organized notes in a folder to present to the next Technical Coordinator, and besides- trying to do better keeps life interesting.

8.2 Forms and Reports

You may have some administrative chores in addition to handling the operational duties of a TC or TS. Although working on forms and reports may seem boring, there are only a few and they are designed to be helpful. The Technical Co- ordinator should have an accurate list of all TSs, including name, call, address, phone number, class of license, date appointed, expertise, email address and any other pertinent information. This information could be on a personal computer to aid in updating the data. The TS could keep a list of club members with information about their technical interests.

Here are some forms and reports, which you might need:

TC Guidelines (FSD-109)

Monthly Appointees Record (FSD-13)

Travel Expense Reimbursement Form (C-100 for TC)

Leadership Officials Requisition Form (FSD-124)

Leadership Officials Travel Report Form (FSD-182 for TC)

Application for Station Appointment (FSD-187 for TC and SM)

Appointee Monthly Report Card (FSD-210)

Issuance/Cancellation Card (FSD-211 for TC and SM)

ARRL Amateur Radio Placards

Leadership Official Stationery

TS Certificate (available to TC and SM)

TC Certificate (SM use only)

8.3 Materials and Benefits


Here is a partial list of the materials and benefits available to Technical Coordinators and Technical Specialists:

  1. Free RF Exposure, ARRL Handbooks, and RFI Handbook.
  2. Administrative forms.
  3. TC or TS guidelines.
  4. ARRL Web Site TIS print out in detail.
  5. League's Travel Accident Policy for $100,000.
  6. Reimbursement of certain expenses for postage, supplies and related needs; contact your Section Manager.