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Contacting Your Congressional Representatives

For your convenience, here are links to the official Congressional websites for finding your representatives:

US House of Representatives

US Senate

Contacting Your Legislators FAQ

Q. Where should I mail my signed letter to my Congressperson?

A. Once you have your letter written and signed they can be mailed to ARRL for hand-delivery to your Representative's office.  The mailing address is:


ATTN: Legislative Action Letters

225 Main St

Newington, CT 06111


Q. Why are we asked to send letters to the ARRL Consultant to deliver to our members of Congress?  Why should I do that instead of contacting my member directly?

A. There are several reasons.  First, when letters from constituents are hand-delivered to a Congressional office, it gives our Washington team the opportunity to have some direct “face time” with the Congressperson and/or their key staff.  Hand delivering a stack of letters supporting a bill makes a greater impact than having those letters trickle in through the US mail system.

Because of security concerns, when you mail a letter to your member of Congress, it is automatically directed to a warehouse in Maryland for security screening, including tests for possible dangerous substances.  This can delay delivery of even routine letters by up to six weeks.

Q. I noticed on my Congressperson’s website a form where I can send in my comments using a web form.  Should I use that instead of mailing a letter to the ARRL Consultant?

A. While those web forms are convenient for constituent use, they really are not the most effective communications for a concerted lobbying effort.  Again, the impact of several dozen letters being hand-delivered to the Congressional office is far more effective than a web form or telephone calls to their office. We certainly encourage members to use those web forms in addition to regular "hard copy" letters: Make sure YOUR voice is heard!

Q. I have sent my letters to the ARRL for delivery as directed but never heard back from the Congressman’s office.  Should I be concerned that my letter wasn’t delivered?

 A. Rest assured that all letters received are forwarded to our Washington team for delivery to the appropriate Congressional office.  Different members of Congress are not always as efficient as others in sending acknowledgements to their constituents.


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