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Digital QST FAQ

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Digital Magazine FAQ's

  • Can I download a digital magazine and read it offline?

    If you reading an ARRL digital magazine on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet through the app, yes. Simply download the desired issue to your device. Then, you must briefly open the issue while still connected to the internet. Doing so will authenticate that issue for off-line reading.

    The browser-based version of our digital magazines cannot be read off line. However, you can still print an issue--any or all pages. See the print icon in the the right-hand side of the toolbar at the top of the page.

    Also, many PCs include a printing option to print-to-PDF (look for a free software utility if your computer does not already include a PDF printer application). Try “printing” an entire issue to PDF. Doing so will generate a PDF file that will serve as a reasonable facsimile of the entire issue. Each PDF can be stored and accessed offline for personal use. The file can be rather large, but there are many PDF utilities that will help you compress this file to whatever resolution you will be satisfied with for storing and reading.


    Members seeking an offline archive of ARRL magazines may purchase the annual ARRL Periodicals DVD. The DVD contains fully-searchable and indexed PDFs, and includes an entire year of ARRL’s periodicals.

    Important: ARRL magazines are member-exclusive benefits, and are protected by copyright law. Open file formats such as PDF's can be easily spread across the internet to viewers without ARRL membership. It is unlawful to publish or distribute copies of ARRL magazines.

    Additional support for the digital editions of ARRL magazines can be found in the instructional manual linked at

  • Why can I log in to but not the digital magazines?

    Your log in credentials are the same username and password used to log in to, not your e-mail. If you have forgotten your password, you may go to

    If you continue experiencing difficulties, please contact

  • Why does my page appear scrambled or blank?

    While loading all the data in an issue, the server may occasionally encounter a glitch resulting in words appearing scrambled or a blank screen. Usually, a quick page refresh makes this glitch go away.

    If you continue having problems, please contact

  • Can I opt out of the paper edition of QST?

    Yes! To discontinue delivery of the paper edition of QST, fill out our print edition opt out form at

  • Why am I being re-directed to a site hosted in the UK?

    Our provider for ARRL magazines has headquarters in the UK, but their servers in the UK are as secure as anything else connected to the Internet can be. They have been in this business for more than a decade without a security lapse. To keep ARRL content exclusive to members, you will be prompted to log in with your username and password in order to access each issue.

  • Why does my digital edition not load beyond the logo/splash screen?

    The screen may freeze at the logo page after signing in depending on your browser settings. Our members have found that they are able to load the digital magazine again after conducting a default reset. The following link gives step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this reset on various browsers:

    Internet Explorer




  • Why can't I log in with Safari?

    We have found that some Safari browsers were sending our members in circles, continually prompting members to log in even after they have done so. To get this problem corrected our IT area researched and found that there are two solutions that can help our members correct this as it is a browser preference issue.


    Before following the below steps, please clear your cache and cookies within the Safari browser and proceed:

    -  In Safari, choose Safari (Setting Icon) > Preferences.

    -  Click the Privacy icon in the Preferences pane to view Privacy settings.

    -  Click the Remove All Website Data button.

    If this doesn’t work, follow these steps:

    -  In Safari, choose Safari (Setting Icon) > Reset Safari.

    -  All items should be checked.

    -  Click the Reset button.

  • Are ARRL digital magazines accessible to the visually impaired?

    Unfortunately, PageSuite does not support accessibility features for our digital magazines. However, digital QST issues are available through the BARD app provided by The National Library Service for the Blind Library of Congress. This is an audio based app.

  • Can I search across all digital editions of a magazine?

    When viewing digital magazine in a browser, you can search by selecting the magnifying glass from the top tool bar. If your tool bar is not at the top of the screen, click once in the gray space around the magazine to make it appear. Type in your search term and then select "All Editions" to search through editions from January 2012 to present.

    On iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) you can find the Search in the Menu in the top right of the tool bar when you are viewing an edition. Select "Publication" next to your search bar in order to search across editions January 2012 to present.

    On Android and Kindle Fire devices, the Search feature is available in the Menu at the top right of the tool bar when you are viewing an edition. Select "Archive" to search across editions from January 2012-present.

  • Why is the iOS app asking me to purchase the issue?

    The ability to purchase a single issue of one of our digital magazines is provided to those who are not ARRL members. If you are a member, you do not have to purchase an issue and should NOT click the "Purchase" button. Instead, simply log in with your ARRL website user name and password and you will have access to all issues.

  • How can I read the digital editions from a Linux-based computer?

    Linux users should access ARRL's digital magazines by using a web browser.  The links to the current editions of all of ARRL's digital magazines are available at:  Please note that this method will not allow for downloading local copies of the magazines.  Download functionality is only available from the mobile device apps.

For answers to more technical questions about digital QST, please contact


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