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Getting the video

There are 2 ways you can get a copy of the video:

A)  You can download it below.

      But it will be a low resolution flash file, you might not be able to play it and it will look awful on a large screen.

B) You can order the DVD disk from ARRL.

The accompanying fliers are available at  

DIY Video


This is the flash version - good only for websites. For higher quality copies see info below.

DIY fliers


A one page handout that goes with the video. Give the viewer something to do following up seeing it - make sure they have contact information. This is the front of the handout. More information is on the back. You can order these from ARRL at:

See Powerpoint

DL Powerpoint files

Speaker's Notes


Elevator speech


Chris Tate's contest-winning answer to "What is Amateur Radio?"