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Best Practice

Mar 20th 2014, 17:46


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Have a question here for anyone interested in "best practice."

Over a period of weeks now I have noticed a particular ham "occupying" a frequency. It sounds as though he plays a recording calling CQ for several hours every day, with the recording repeating every three seconds. This ham interrupts his broadcast only when someone responds to the call. I don't use the term "broadcast" lightly. He is playing a recording, repeatedly, for hours at a time.

To further complicate matters, the person in question is an Amateur Extra, and is transmitting within the narrow 10M HF bandwidth allowed to Technicians. Repeatedly playing a recording is bad enough; doing so with a powerful rig likely to drown out those being run by newly licensed Technicians seems both rude and predatory.

I've been a listener for forty years but am newly licensed as a transmitter. I'll be the first to admit then that I have little experience with operational etiquette, so maybe I'm reading this incorrectly. I feel like there's something wrong though when I can tune to the frequency in question and reliably hear the same voice reciting the same words in the same tone and cadence over and over. It's like finding the atomic clock broadcasts, but on an amateur frequency - and one of the rare frequencies that should be available to the newest hams, ones just building their shacks.

From that ham's point of view, I understand the health benefit of not using his actual voice to call CQ, and the contesting benefit of automatically calling CQ every three seconds. But if we go down that road, why not just automate the whole contact? Why not just allow our radios to contact to one another electronically? This would allow that ham to further spare his throat and to rack up even better contest numbers.

But then where is the human element in amateur radio?

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. I don't know if what he's doing meets the legal definition of "broadcast" or if it offends anyone else's sense of "best practice." As I build my own operational etiquette I'd just like to find out more.

Thanks and 73,
Rob / K7RMA
Mar 21st 2014, 14:07


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Quote by K7RMA
I don't know if what he's doing meets the legal definition of "broadcast"

This does not answer your main question. But, we can't broadcast ...
Mar 21st 2014, 20:30


Joined: Jan 10th 2013, 23:05
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Thanks Steve. I suppose it depends on the legal definition of transmitted recordings when section 5b "one-way communication" is considered.

I'm not interested in getting a fellow ham in trouble, just in learning more about what's allowed and not allowed. If it helps, the frequency in question is 28.425, and sure enough, the endless loop recording is playing again right now. Just seems weird, I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else.

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