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Vanity Call - When to apply vs expiration date KenWLeidner 1 week, 6 days ago
Quote by KenWLeidner
All applications received on that day went into a lottery and one would be selected. If none were received on the first day after the call sign was available, the process would occur on the day the first request for the call sign was received. All on that day go into a lottery …

Vanity call sign applications submitted less than 2 years and one day after a call sign expiration date will be denied.

It is also my understanding that applications are processed in a random order rather than in the order received.

Here some facts about the timeline for application processing retrieved from an copy of

1. Vanity applications are usually processed on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

2. Applications received on Monday are processed on Friday, 18 days later

3. Applications received on Tuesday are processed on Saturday, 18 days later

4. Applications received on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday are processed on Tuesday, 18 days after the Friday date

5. Holidays occuring between the received date and the processed date don't seem to change the schedule. However, Monday holidays cause the Tuesday processing to be a day late

6. Applications filed on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday are marked "received" and date stamped the next business day

7. Applications are processed as a batch job in the early morning hours while the ULS system is off-line. If the batch job fails it may cause grants to be delayed
LOG BOOK OF THE WORLD AG6JY 3 weeks, 5 days ago
Quote by AG6JY
Why is it so complicated to transfer my log's from QRZ log book to LOTW.

The transfer process is pretty simple:

1. Export your QRZ log to an ADIF file

2. Sign your ADIF file with tqsl

3. Upload your signed ADIF file to LoTW

What do you find to be confusing?
Best Practice K7RMA 4 weeks, 1 day ago
Quote by K7RMA
I don't know if what he's doing meets the legal definition of "broadcast"

This does not answer your main question. But, we can't broadcast ...
How do I tell QST editors an article is really bad! WA6SAZ on 18/3/14
Quote by WA6SAZ
Where should I post this comment about the Windows XP article in April 2014 QST?

I'm not sure how often HQ staff check these forums.
So you might want to e-mail your comment to
Why not Kentucky? OH6NT on 24/11/13
Quote by OH6NT
yes the QSO is verified on LoTW, but he is not recognized as [being] in KY! The QSO data in my previous post is from LoTW.

Perhaps K4UU submitted the QSO with missing or incorrect information. Have you tried contacting him directly?

You should have the following lines under "Worked Station":

CQ Zone
ITU Zone
QSL (datestamp)

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