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  • What is Logbook of the World?

    LoTW is a secure, central repository of logs from ham operators around the world. One of the main features is it will allow DXCC, WAS and VUCC program participants to claim credit without the need for having a QSL card in hand. 

    If, after reading the information and FAQ's on LoTW you still have unresolved questions, send an e-mail to:

    For complete information on LogBook of the World, and to get started, please visit this site:

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  • I want to submit an application for DXCC that involves both LoTW credits and paper QSL's. Can I do this, and, if so, how?

    Paper QSL cards may not be combined with LoTW applications anymore for the DXCC award program. The hybrid application process is still available for the WAS program. All QSLs, whether confirmed in LoTW or with paper QSL cards are eligible for your DXCC award however the application processes are seperate. Effective April 2, 2012, the 3 methods of applying for DXCC are:

            Traditional Paper Card

    • Online DXCC
    • LogBook of The World (LoTW)

    Each application is now separate from each other and when submitted an applicants totals will reflect either or all methods of submission. The fee schedule is also different for each method. See the current fee schedule for the fees for each submission method.

    See for more information
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  • Can I make a paper application and refer to LoTW credits rather than go to LoTW to apply

    No. In order to receive LoTW credits you must go to LoTW and prepare an application yourself. In LoTW, you select the QSO(s) you want to apply for and make payment there.

    Click Learn More below to access the instructions for making an LoTW-only DXCC application.
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  • I have no paper QSL's but I do have sufficient QSO credits in LoTW to apply for DXCC. Is this possible?

    Yes.  See DXCC Rules for instructions.
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  • I am having problems in LoTW relating to my certificate, uploading files, etc. How can I get these (and other problems) resolved?

    There are three things to check to verify that your Trusted QSL software is operating properly.
    1. Do you have the most current version of Trusted QSL installed in your computer?
    2. Do you have a valid certificate in the TQSL CERT program that matches the certificate in our system?
    3. Do you have a station location in the TQSL program for your operating location?

    Please use the troubleshooting guide to examine these things and for a solution if something is missing.

    Assistance can also be obtained by emailing
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  • I just received the return from my submission that included an LoTW element and there was no credit matrix included. Why?

    With submissions that include LoTW, DXCC no longer sends a credit matrix (the large report with the columns and rows of countries and X's). This is because you can get this, live, and at no cost, directly from your LoTW account. (For hard copies there is a fee of $2.00 USA or $3.00 non-USA To get this report form LoTW follow these simple instructions:

    Sign into LoTW
    Select the 'Awards" link
    Click 'Select DXCC Award account'
    The first screen that appears are your totals from DXCC.
    Under this box there is a link called "View Award Credit Matrix'
    Click this link and your credit matrix will appear.
    If your printer does not use a wide paper size you must click 'file' then 'print.'
    Select the Landscape mode and this will allow the report to print across the page.

    Special note: In order to access this report your DXCC and LoTW MUST be linked. If you do not see the 'View Award Credit Matrix' link it is most likely your account is not yet linked. To link your account follow these steps:

    Sign into your LoTW account
    Click 'Awards'
    On the left click 'Select DXCC Award Account'
    On the left look for a link called 'Link Request'
    Click this and answer the question(s) asked for callsign information
    Submit the link

    DXCC checks the link request page periodically throughout the week and will complete the link request. Once the link is completed you will have full read-only access to your DXCC account status, then you can click and get your credit matrix.

    Note: DXCC will send you a copy of the Awards Credit Slip and any stickers you are entitled to by regular mail.

    Since the numbers shown in LoTW are available one day after the application has been completed, you can begin checking LoTW for your new award status even before you receive anything by mail.

  • When I submit cards, I get back a document called "DXCC Award Credits Listing" on paper. Is there any way to see that document online?

    Yes, but in order to do this you must have an account in LoTW and, your LoTW account must show, at least, one QSO match in your record in order for DXCC to be opened for viewing. If your account meets this requirement here are the steps to view your complete DXCC record:

    Note: If your account is already linked skip directly to #2

    1: Your DXCC and LoTW must be linked. If you are not yet linked do the following steps:

          Sign into your LoTW account
          Click 'Awards'
          On the left 'Select DXCC Award Account'
          (Here, make note your totals in the 'Account Status' screen)
          On the left click 'Link Account'
          Answer the callsign question(s) then submit the link

          Your indication that the link has been completed you will see changes in your account status
          screen totals and you will see the (*) next to all active awards issued to you

    To get the complete DXCC credit matrix:

    2: Now that you are linked:

          Click 'Awards'
          On the left 'Select DXCC Award Account'
          The 'Account Status' screen will display all of your current totals just as they would appear if you
           have the paper copy of the DXCC credit slip
          Under the 'Account Status' box you will see a link called 'View Award Credit Matrix'
          (You will only see this box if your account is linked)
          Click this and give a few seconds to build

    The default 'Sort By' is by prefix but in LoTW you can also order this report by Entity Name by clicking the 'Sort By' link at the top of the entity name column.

    There is no acutal print button for this report but just be sure to set up your print and when ready in the upper
    left menu click 'File' then click 'Print' and all should print OK now. I recommend a test print with just one page
    to be sure your printer settings are OK since you might want to be sure of this in case adjustment are needed and this will help avoind wasiing too much paper.

    Note: The report from LoTW is free. If you submit to DXCC on the application form there is a box to check noting $2.00 US and $3.00 non-US for this report. This is only for the hard copy from DXCC. You can request this if you like but as noted if you have an LoTW account set up properly you can get this for free.



  • Handling LoTW QSO log upload errors

    If you are contacted by the DX station about a QSO error that was in a QSO log upload, once you and the DX station agree that an error has actually taken place, we strongly recommend that you make the correction creating a NEW log file, with just the correction(s), and upload the new log file, only.


    DO NOT upload the correction using the original log file as it could result in longer delays in processing where a small, single QSO record file will proceed quickly.

    These corrections to QSO errors can only be made upon agreement between the applicant and DX station involved. It is the responsibility of the user, only, to upload correct log files.  While  LoTW staff personnel cannot be involved with decisions related to corrections of QSO upload errors, staff may be able to provide guidance on how to proceed in these cases.


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