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DXCC Application Forms

DXCC Application Forms FAQ

Can I change the address of where my cards and paperwork are sent?

The only address we use is the one that is noted on the DXCC application form. This address is independent of your membership address.

I forgot to include the application form; how can I fix this?

After downloading the DXCC application form, you can print it out and send it by mail, fax, or email:

225 Main Street
Newington, CT USA 06111
Fax (860) 594-0346
(Attach as PDF or JPG)

What sections of the DXCC application form are required?

Complete all sections including:

  • what you are applying for (endorsements, new certificates, etc.)
  • your personal information
  • the return address information
  • the fees section
  • telephone number and e-mail
  • the number of cards and QSOs included

Sign and date the form.  Be sure to include your ARRL membership expiration date, if applicable.

Is the DXCC Application Record Sheet required?

When sending cards directly to DXCC, only the first page of the application form is required. The record sheet is only required if you plan to take cards to a convention or an approved DXCC card checker. Applicants are encouraged to make copies of all forms for their records.

Once your cards are sorted according to the instructions in "Application Process", fill in the data on the record sheet(s) for your submission.

If I do not include an application form with my cards, will this cause delays?

Yes, submitting an application with your QSL cards will ensure that paperwork, certificates and cards are returned to the proper location.