Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on various DXCC topics below.

DXCC Application Process

Do I need an application form with each submission? Is there a specific way my cards must be sorted? Find answers on the application process.

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Application Forms

What sections of the DXCC application form are required? Find out how to fill out the DXCC application form.

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Award Information

Find more about eligible bands and modes, how to apply for the 5-Band DXCC award, and more.

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Find answers here on how to build on your DXCC credits, as well as how long it will take for your application to be processed.

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Field Checking

Find answers here on ARRL's DXCC Field Checking Program.

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Program Fee

How are fees determined? Are there any limitations on what can be submitted? Find out more about DXCC Program fees.

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Navigating the Credit Slip

Find answers here on how your credits get applied to your account.

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Find out how you can use Logbook of the World to get your DXCC credits.

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General DXCC Program FAQ

More questions? Find answers here to other DXCC Program questions.

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