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Endorsements FAQ

  • I already have a DXCC award account. How do I build on it?

    Once you have achieved an award by working and confirming 100 entities on The ARRL DXCC List, you can build up your totals. As noted in the DXCC Rules, endorsement stickers for existing certificates are awarded as additional DXCC credits are earned. For the Mixed, Phone, CW, Digital (RTTY), 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10-Meter DXCC Awards, stickers are issued in exact multiples of 50 (i.e. 150, 200) between 100 and 250 DXCC credits, in multiples of 25 between 250 and 300, and in multiples of 5 above 300 DXCC credits.


    For 160-Meter, 80-Meter, 6-Meter, 2-Meter and Satellite DXCC Awards, stickers are issued in exact multiples of 25, starting at 125, in multiples of 10 above 200, and in multiples of 5, between 250 and 300. Confirmations for DXCC credit may be submitted in any increment, but stickers are provided only after a new level has been achieved.

    Note: The DXCC system is designed to automatically issue any endorsement stickers for active awards. If you complete an application form and forget to note the endorsements you are looking to claim, the DXCC system will automatically track and issue stickers for you once you've qualified. 

    However, if you qualify for an award, but do not request it on your application form, DXCC will not issue stickers automatically; endorsement stickers are only issued for existing DXCC award certificates. 

    If after receiving your submission return from DXCC, you notice you qualify for new awards, you can request these from DXCC without the need to make another application or pay another submission fee. Anytime you qualify for a certificate, you can contact the DXCC desk to request the award.

  • I have a Mixed award; can I endorse this on 15 and 10-Meters?

    No, there are individual award certificate(s) for each band and each mode; there are no combination-type awards (eg: 40 Meter-Digital). Once you qualify, you can activate these individually for a fee of $12.00 per award certificate plus postage (USA postage is $5.00/non-USA postage is $15.00). Each certificate fee noted includes postage by a non-traceable method.  The postage fee for certificate mailing covers up to 4 certificates.

    Lapel pins are not included with certificates. If you want a pin, this is an additional $7.50 fee, including postage.

    Each pin (except for Mixed) indicates the band or mode for the respective award.  For each band and mode noted in DXCC Rule, Section I), a pin noting each band and mode is available. 

  • How can I get the latest forms?

    The current DXCC forms are available from the forms link on the DXCC web page at

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