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Archived 'QST' Quality & Readability

Sep 18th 2014, 03:43


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I am slowly going through the older issues of 'QST' (2011 and earlier) to learn what hams were doing in prior decades (my real time knowledge begins in the 1960s with spotty exposure to QST issues from the 1950s).

The technique I have stumbled onto as the most workable is to download an issue's Table Of Contents, open that up in my computer's PDF viewer, and then work my way through the articles that (from their titles) appear to be interesting. (Sometimes this doesn't work very well - hams can be terrible at choosing titles that give an inkling of what the associated article is about! This is especially maddening when you can remember reading something when you were a kid and are trying to find the article but the title was chosen whimsically with no regard for being descriptive.)

I must say that often the quality of the archived magazines run from 'passable' to 'poor'. Very often finely detailed visual content (most often graphs) is unusable and it is not uncommon to find that the last pages of an article were not scanned and converted into the PDF document. I 'click' on the 'submit-for-correction' link but very seldom have I gotten e-mails back telling me that the articles have been corrected. (I suspect that QST articles from way-back-when are not very high on the priority list of things-to-fix.)

- Paul, WB5AGF
Sep 19th 2014, 00:39


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Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Hello Paul.

Just about all of the scans were done many years ago and were certainly not of the best quality. Unfortunately, it would litterly cost a million dolllars (or more) to re-scan everything. It pains all of us that we can only provide you with less than desirable quality scans.

You can request a better scan. We have a WWII Navy Veteran who works in the Lab, part time. His name is Anthony Nesta, AA1RZ. He can make a scan for you of better quality. Please feel free to call the Lab and ask for Anthony (Tony) Nesta. He will take care of you.

Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer

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