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UHF Contest NQ8A 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Very impressive, good work!

The Contest Committee has not set anything in stone yet, as far as I could tell from what was published on our web site. Members have until June 15th to submit comments. This was posted April 15th:

I strongly suggest for you to write to the committee the comments you have expressed here. The committee does not work on its own; they rely on input from Radio Amateurs, especially someone like you who have spent a lot of effort and time, pushing the envelope.

Bob Allison
Licensed contacting unlicensed? W0SJF 3 weeks, 1 day ago
How far away is she from you?
Old Certificate gzancewicz on 29/4/16

Call the awards department at headquarters. 860-594-0210, ask for awards department
Go Box W1GOV on 22/4/16
No problem; just glad I could help you.

Good luck and have fun.

Go Box W1GOV on 20/4/16

Try the ARRL Periodical Search engine. Log in first.

Type in the "Key Words" box "Go Kit" and click on search; that's all.

You'll find several articles on go kits there.

Also, try YouTube, search "go kits' and I bet you'll find a video that fits your needs.

Good luck...don't forget to use fuses.

Bob Allison

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