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Which Forum for discussing ARRL policy? W5INC on 1/7/19
The forums here are to help people with their technical, operating and regulatory questions regarding Amateur Radio. Forums are moderated by laboratory staff, not ARRL policy makers.

You can discuss policy with your division director, directly.
Allowing eQSL in ARRL Awards k4srq on 27/6/19
eQSL can be hacked. Unfortunately, there are people who want to cheat the system. The ARRL must uphold the integrity of the awards program by using an electronic "handshake" method, same that is used for other secure transactions by banks, etc. It cannot be hacked that way.
Do the Section Managers of ARRL Have a Code of Ethics AA4EZ on 27/6/19
Write to your Division Director if you are not happy with your section manager. If you're not happy with your Director, write to the ARRL President.

Sounds like your complaint stems from personal business, not ARRL related matters.
ARRL policies and practices k1vsk on 1/5/19
The policy is for members to write to their Division Director.
Anytime you have a concern, comment or just want to say, "Thank you for volunteering", just write to them. Each time a proposal comes up, the information about it is posted as news on and it is also printed in QST. If you don't want to write, you have an option to use the telephone, as Division Director phone numbers are published in QST. That system has worked since Day One.

Bob Allison
ARRL Fleece Jacket Riverblue Review xpeditionary on 1/5/19
Thank you for the comments. I have two of them. They are very warm and comfortable and the color is pleasing.

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