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n7ktx KF7OAE 2 weeks, 6 days ago
The contest was sponsored by CQ Magazine. The ARRL does not govern that contest and cannot disqualify the station. Feel free to write to CQ magazine's contest editor.

Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer
Re-Tubing Galaxy V K9BW 3 weeks, 2 days ago
Yes, tubes get gassy if the filament hasn't been turned on for a long time. Sometimes, the filament will open when a gassy tube is first turned on at full filament voltage. I use a variac to bring up the filaments to about 50 volts and then i let them cook there for a few days, before applying full voltage. I've had totally lifeless radios that have come back to work very well after a long sleep

Some filaments are hard to see. To be sure, check the continuity on the pins. Otherwise, let the tubes cook a few days.

Good luck,

Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer
Award Winners K7RMA 3 weeks, 2 days ago
I will pass your good idea around HQ. Thank you.


Bob Allison
How do I tell QST editors an article is really bad! WA6SAZ on 18/3/14
The ARRL Lab checks the Forums a few times a day. We also encourage our members to help other members with their questions.

The article was published since the majority of Amateurs use windows. It was not written for financial gain, but to assist our readers. With that said, you are very welcome to suggest an article that explains how easy Linux is and how A Radio Amateur can use it..You may even be asked to write it.

Bob Allison
More prominent display of Amateur's Code on ARRL Web Site? K3FU on 17/3/14
ARRL Lab Staff do check the forums frequently. Thank you very much for expressing your wishes. It was an excellent request and was put back on our web site today. You can find it at

Bob Allison, WB1GCM
ARRL Senior Test Engineer

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