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Drone aka UAV to put up stationary antenna? xof7fox 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Portable yet activating 4 grid squares W2HRY on 15/1/16
3.2. Single Operator Portable:
3.2.1. Ten (10) W PEP output or less.
3.2.2. Portable power source.
3.2.3. Portable equipment and antennas.
3.2.4. Single Operator Portable stations must operate from a location other than a permanent station location.
3.2.5. Single Operator Portable stations may not change locations during the contest period outside of the original 500-meter diameter permitted circle.

The benefit is not for you, but for others participating in the contest.
Power LIne Question W4DD on 4/1/16
If power hardware is failing (arcing) and causing RFI, it can fail in a big way if mechanically rattled. People have been killed doing this.

Start here to learn about power line noise and what to do about it, please:

You can call the Lab after reading the material provided on the link if you have any questions.
860-594-0392, Mike Gruber, W1MG is the expert.

Bob Allison
Senior Test Engineer
ARRL Laboratory
Past magazine article. W8AVD on 18/11/15
Your request has been submitted to a Lab staff member who will look to see if the article you have requested is in our Technical Library.

Bob Allison
Too many... N6VX on 18/11/15
The ARRL sponsors only two contests that have an impact on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter CW parts of the band; Sweeps (last weekend) and the International DX CW Contest. There are also the 160 meter contest, which is exclusively CW and the 10 meter contest, which is all modes. While the contesters seemingly take over these bands, there are always 30, 17 and 12 meter CW, which are not used during ARRL contests.

Contests are popular because one can make many contacts in a short period of time. Many Radio Amateurs do not have the time to get on the air on a regular basis, due to many factors of life, but try to block out at least one or two weekends out of the year.

Here's the ARRL contest schedule for this year; you can see how many contests we sponsor that impact HF CW:

Bob Allison
ARRL Laboratory

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