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One radio for all bands? michaeldisney on 12/11/18
The Yaesu FT-991A and the Icom IC-7100 also have 160-6, 2 and the 70 cm Amateur bands.
Power Question jcma05855 on 30/10/18
I have an FT-990. Mine does the same thing; the power output jumps around wildly when adjusting that control. The RF Power Output control is intermittent, like a dirty volume control. This is certainly to be expected from a 25 year old transceiver. I've never tried giving it a shot of contact cleaner, or know if it can be cleaned up.
Radiogram QSO K8SMH on 6/6/18

You can find your local traffic net in the net directory that you can check into and send your messages, including one to initiate a QSO. I've received Radiograms from across the country in matter of hours; some took two or three days. Our "Relay" organization has many, many volunteers dedicated to passing traffic, all practice for when its needed in an emergency.

Bob Allison
Time requirements between tests JMAllen on 18/1/18
You can take the General Test right after the Technician Class test, if you pass the Technician Test AND the VE team administering the test session has enough time for you to take it. Talk with your VE team and let them know your intentions.
antarctica on 5w ? KD7PJD on 25/9/17
Under the right conditions, one can certainly work Antarctica on 5 Watts, provided an efficient antenna, located high and in the clear is used.

CW (or digital) would work best; phone would work, provided you were the first ham to hear the antarctic station before the pile-up started.

My best Antarctic contact was with 50 Watts and an attic dipole on 20 meters, working KC4AAA. The dipole was 15 feet off the ground, at best. There was no one else on the band, except that station. Lesson learned, never assume the band is dead, even though on-line band condition reporting says it's dead.

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