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Licensed to Analyze? KK4MIJ 1 day, 3 hours ago

I have found that many antenna analyzers have an output of between 5 and 15 mW output. My department manager has worked DX and most states on less power than that.

Technically, the analyzer is a small transmitter and one should identify the station call sign. On the other hand, I have not heard anyone identify using an analyzer; there are no means to do that except break the antenna circuit with a Morse Key. I would not worry too much about it, but would avoid using one if the band is wide open and full of signals. Just be brief and don't let it transmit on one frequency for very long.

Bob Allison
ARRL Laboratory Assistant Manager
How to start out mikemyers on 16/12/20

Please consider purchasing the ARRL book, "Your First Amateur Radio HF Station" :

It is written by Steve Ford, who is a top notch writer and a very practical Radio Amateur. He just retired from here and we miss him very much.

I can remember what it was like 47 years ago when I started out; it was very overwhelming. Please remember, no one can be an expert on all topics related to radio; it's impossible these days. Be patient and savor the fact that all of this is new to you. I learn something everyday that I am active investigating, building, or operating, Have fun!


How to start out mikemyers on 14/12/20
Hello Mike,

It would be faster if we could talk on the phone: I will be happy to answer your questions. There is no question too simple.
860-594-0210. A good time to catch me on the phone is AT 3 PM, Monday through Friday. I try to stop testing at that time to answer the phone and take care of emails.

Bob Allison
Clubs and/or Repeaters near me W1JJN on 7/12/20
Try linking to this:

Type in your zip. I found a bunch.

Best wishes & have fun!
Help to identify this RFI KC1NZN on 3/12/20
Do you have an electric fence within a mile of your antenna?

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