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Operating outside privilege bands WN6WJN 1 week, 5 days ago
T uses G's callsign, with G observing T's transmissions.
Stuff on 3840 W7WHY 2 weeks, 2 days ago
As I said on April 24th, "Those in position that can do something about it have been informed."

Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer
Collins 30L1 PY2ALR 3 weeks, 2 days ago
Collins supplied a specially designed RF interconnecting cable to use with the exciter of the 30L1; typically the KWM-1. This cable was special as it presented 50 ohms to the input circuits at all times.

Also, on another W8JI related topic regarding the 30L1, the AC power cord and transformer have wiring issues that are potentially dangerous. Collins made some serious errors wiring the power transformer. For safety sake, please read the information on the following link to make sure your 30L1 isn't wired in a dangerous manner:

Tuska 224 KG4AIP on 1/5/14
This is a single tube, AM Broadcast Band Receiver. You will need a six volt battery (or 6 V dc power supply) and 22 to 27 V dc to power the plate. The 9 volt batteries in series works good for that.

You will also need high impedance headphones (2K-3K Ohms), a good antenna and an good ground to make it work.

It uses a four pin 200 type tube, though a 201 type tube can also be used.
Rookie Roundup Results ka4sfd on 29/4/14
I was just informed by the acting Contest Manager that they were just posted:

Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer

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