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Amateur Radio in Mexico KI7QBL 6 days, 20 hours ago

Scroll down to find Mexico
Sweep Tub amps and freq. response gordyburdo on 5/11/19
Sounds like normal power output on the higher bands.

100 Watts drive sounds a little high for such an amplifier. If you can, plot the input power versus the output power, on a graph. Start with 10 watts drive and make a power output measurement at 10 Watt increments (of drive). The relationship between the two should be linear (a straight line on the graph). Near the top of the graph, it should curve (amplifier reaches saturation). Use an input power along the straight line of the graph to operate your amplifier in a linear fashion. Operating at, or past the saturation point will increase (transmit) intermodulation distortion, resulting in an abnormally wide signal.

Bob Allison
10 Mhz Reference Frequency Hardware W4EDX on 4/11/19
Hi Bernie,

We reviewed a 10 MHz GPS locked reference device in the June, 2016 issue of QST. It is just a small box, with an antenna jack for the GPS antenna, power input, two outputs and a USB control for setup.

Bob Allison
Which Forum for discussing ARRL policy? W5INC on 1/7/19
The forums here are to help people with their technical, operating and regulatory questions regarding Amateur Radio. Forums are moderated by laboratory staff, not ARRL policy makers.

You can discuss policy with your division director, directly.
Allowing eQSL in ARRL Awards k4srq on 27/6/19
eQSL can be hacked. Unfortunately, there are people who want to cheat the system. The ARRL must uphold the integrity of the awards program by using an electronic "handshake" method, same that is used for other secure transactions by banks, etc. It cannot be hacked that way.

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