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Power Supply Causing Dirty CW Signal? kg4msr on 19/9/14

Try using a faster scan rate on the scope. You may have much higher frequency noise riding on the DC voltage that the filter capacitor is not taking out all the way. Noise like this sometimes cannot be seen while viewing ripple.

It's possible that one of the solid state devices (diode or regulator) is generating this while under load.

You can always contact Astron and ask what they may think is causing it.

Bob Allison
ARRL Laboratory
Archived 'QST' Quality & Readability WB5AGF on 19/9/14
Hello Paul.

Just about all of the scans were done many years ago and were certainly not of the best quality. Unfortunately, it would litterly cost a million dolllars (or more) to re-scan everything. It pains all of us that we can only provide you with less than desirable quality scans.

You can request a better scan. We have a WWII Navy Veteran who works in the Lab, part time. His name is Anthony Nesta, AA1RZ. He can make a scan for you of better quality. Please feel free to call the Lab and ask for Anthony (Tony) Nesta. He will take care of you.

Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer
Emailing Ham Operators pmc181 on 12/9/14
Try You can look up each callsign and possibly, some of your neighbors posted their email address on qrz.

Years ago, it was quite common to spot Amateur antennas on a structure and knock on the door. I rarely heard of anything going wrong afterwards. I have not tried that recently.
index KD1LI on 11/9/14
What is the question?
Getting started on AM W9AVN on 27/8/14

Press the 2.4 kHz bandwidth button while in the AM mode. That will disable the 2.4 kHz filter and give you a better frequency response.

Bob Allison, WB1GCM
ARRL Test Engineer

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