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Diplexer Isolation WX1S 19 hours, 12 minutes ago
Our ARRL Laboratory limit for signal input is +10 dBm (10 mW). It is considered the highest "safe" signal input for test purposes.
Disband MAR section from all contests in favour of NS, NB, PEI VE1AWP 19 hours, 17 minutes ago
Message forwarded to ARRL Staff.

Thank you.
ARRL version of linux WA6SAZ 2 days ago
Quick Stats suggestion has been passed along to the ARRL Editorial Department
ITU 2 phone below the band plan? KC9UOQ 2 days, 23 hours ago
The US phone band is 7.125 to 7.300 MHz, period. However, other countries in ITU 2 are allowed to operate on lower frequencies than we can. Canadian Amateurs can do so, for example; they can be heard regularly on 7.060 to 7.090, or so. You cannot QSO with them using phone, unless the other station is operating "split" (listening somewhere in the US phone band). You could always call them using CW :)
Power Supply Causing Dirty CW Signal? kg4msr on 19/9/14

Try using a faster scan rate on the scope. You may have much higher frequency noise riding on the DC voltage that the filter capacitor is not taking out all the way. Noise like this sometimes cannot be seen while viewing ripple.

It's possible that one of the solid state devices (diode or regulator) is generating this while under load.

You can always contact Astron and ask what they may think is causing it.

Bob Allison
ARRL Laboratory

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