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QST mobile reader which does not suck? piranha32 on 29/7/16
Feedback forwarded....they are working on it!
QST mobile reader which does not suck? piranha32 on 29/7/16
Thank you for your feedback, Jacek. I will pass this thread on to our publishers.

Bob Allison
ARRL Laboratory
Attic Antennas apr1350 on 26/7/16
Make certain that the wire antenna does not touch anything. Use insulators at the end of each wire. Depending on frequency, length of the antenna and input impedance, very high voltages may be present.
ARRL QST Android app is Potentially Dangerous NS6Q on 20/7/16
If a member downloads a PDF of the entire magazine, he/she could then share that file with the rest of the world. At that point, they would be giving away the magazine. Membership would decline, funds would lost and the only substantial advocate for Amateur Radio (the ARRL) would be diminished. The app, however poor, is needed to protect copyrighted material.
power loss in tuner ? AB3FN on 18/7/16
See our past Product Reviews of Antenna Tuners. We publish a loss chart. Most of the time, losses are under 10%, sometimes only 1 or 2 %. A loss of 10% is less than a 1 dB loss, which does not make a difference at the other end.

However, if you are loading up a very short antenna, with an impedance that is very low, you will have a much higher loss. Many tuners exhibit a 30% loss with a 12 Ohm load. At the legal limit, that's 450 Watts that's lost in the tuner. That much power lost means something inside the tuner will fail, quickly. That's why it's important to read our reviews.

As far as calculating the loss, there are too many factors involved to easily calculate that. If good quality components are used, the loss will be less.

Bob Allison

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