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LoTW still matching VUCC SATELLITE QSOs erroneously py2rn 4 weeks, 2 days ago
For questions, please contact

Bob Allison
LOTW Complaints W4RIG 4 weeks, 2 days ago
Contact for logbook questions, please.

Bob Allison
CW and QRP on 80 meters KE0KCG on 13/7/17
Hello Chris,

The Cricket is a QRP transceiver with about 1/2 Watt of RF output. For this level of power, you would need a full size dipole antenna, about 130 feet in total length and at least one tall support structure, preferably two, to get it up high.

80 meters does work well with low power on CW. However, you will need frequency flexibility to make the most of your experience. The Cricket is Crystal control. This is just fine if you are patient, or want to talk across town and practice your code speed.

There is quite a bit of CW activity, at night, on 80 meters. It's a good band to chat on and the lower end of the CW band has plenty of DX stations to work. October through April are the best months to operate there, due to high static levels during the summer.

I'm the test engineer at the Lab, so I cannot recommend what to buy for getting on CW. Just about all modern HF transceivers have CW and are frequency agile.

Good luck and have fun!

Bob Allison
ARRL Lab another confirmation process K4WY on 22/2/17
Why don't you call the ARRL and ask them?
De-activation of "" In Process AA1PR on 7/2/17
Thank you!

Your post has been forwarded to our IT Department

Bob Allison

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