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Old Certificate gzancewicz 1 month, 1 day ago

Call the awards department at headquarters. 860-594-0210, ask for awards department
Go Box W1GOV on 22/4/16
No problem; just glad I could help you.

Good luck and have fun.

Go Box W1GOV on 20/4/16

Try the ARRL Periodical Search engine. Log in first.

Type in the "Key Words" box "Go Kit" and click on search; that's all.

You'll find several articles on go kits there.

Also, try YouTube, search "go kits' and I bet you'll find a video that fits your needs.

Good luck...don't forget to use fuses.

Bob Allison
ARRL eQSL Policy KB1XI on 20/4/16
Our forums are for helping others, not for ranting. There are other web sites out there that are more appropriate for ranting.

Regarding LoTW; a major complaint our member had 15 years ago was the price of postage and the length of time it took (years) for QSLs to arrive from overseas. In some cases, cards would arrive after one became a silent key. Thus, in 2003, LoTW was created, without an increase of membership dues. Yes, there are a few steps to get set up for it, but only because some people cheat. There were many instances in which paper cards were forged in order to get an award, which were caught by qualified card checkers. The ARRL couldn't change the behavior of certain people, but they had the ability and the smarts to create a QSL system that has integrity.

The young crowd (that will be replacing us) don't care for paper. 100 years ago, my grandfather got a Model-T, but his dad stuck with his horse.

Bob Allison
ARRL Laboratory
FT 817ND Grounding edwinf on 20/4/16
If you are using a balanced antenna, such as a dipole, or Yagi, a ground isn't really needed. If a tuner and end fed wire or vertical is used, you will need a counterpoise or a ground system. The counterpoise is the easiest, cut it to a quarter wavelength for the band you are using. For multiple band operation, use a spool of wire as a counterpoise with tape markings at a quarter wave at 40, 20, 17 etc meters. Just spool it out or wind it up for the length needed.

If your on the go (walking), use a whip antenna and trail a quarter wave wire, but be careful not to trip anyone. I wouldn't do that on a city sidewalk :)

Bob Allison

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