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Antenna on deck or dipole in tree?

Jun 1st 2016, 20:59


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I'm a newbie here wondering if it would be better to attach an antenna to my deck or to throw a dipole into a tree right next to the deck. My layout is such: I live in a two story home built into the side of a hill -- big mountain on front side of home, Deck on backside (second floor) facing town below me, another mountain on the other side of town which is in a valley. So, I'm built into one side of a mountainous valley with repeaters running down the valley.

I figure it would be easy to attach a vertical antenna to the deck, or throw a dipole up into the tree right along side the deck. I have coax running from my office to the deck. What do you think? If there's a way to attach a photo to this message I could do that but I'm new here.

Jun 2nd 2016, 13:10


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The mention of repeaters implies the use of VHF/UHF.

A dipole is often easier to homebrew than a vertical. You have more options if you wish to purchase a vertical. You often want a simple antenna, as opposed to a big gain antenna, if you are working down into a valley. A big gain antenna has a narrow vertical pattern that works better when the land is flat.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
Jun 4th 2016, 02:53


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Along with repeaters and VHF/UHF remember that the polarization of the antenna is usually vertical. Your dipole would need to be vertical rather than horizontal. Of course it depends on how far away you are away from them so it is possible a horizontal dipole may work.

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