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Antenna Modeling for Beginners Feb 8th 2013, 18:19 3 2,171 on 14/2/13
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Using CHRIP & Programing Software KG5PTE 2 weeks ago
There may be someone here that can help. What is your question?
Lose reception hooking up rf cable Diocletian 4 weeks, 1 day ago
It still sounds like a possible short. Work your way back to the antenna checking for shorts. What antenna are you using and what band are you listening to?
Wires -x Query about access to nodes KJ6BQM on 23/5/17
The repeater must be connected to the internet either directly or through a node if you want to talk other than local. Independent of the internet the repeater can operate in the DN, VW, or AMS mode. Repeater direct connection to the internet requires the repeater to have the appropriate 1X hardware and firmware.
feed line length question KK4BHS on 6/5/17
The amount of coax loss (attenuation) increases with length and higher frequencies. You can lookup each type of coax and determine the amount of loss (measured in db) for the length and frequency you will be using. You can then balance the least amount of loss against the amount of money you want to spend. Typically coax will have more loss than "hard line". Also‚Äč connectors for hard line are more expensive than for coax.
Kenwood TM-V71 reboots on High Power hamwillyt on 24/4/17
Have you checked the power supply to see if it is supplying the correct voltage when using high power? I assume you might not have used high power with your current setup. Also check your SWR as it might have changed causing your radio to draw more current.

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