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G5RV Antenna Question N5ERV 5 days, 21 hours ago
I think you might find those instruction are applicable to most dipoles including the G5RV. Extending your tower to 40-50 feet may be more trouble than it is worth. I would try installing the G5RV on a 5 to 10 foot mast on your existing tower and see how it performs.

What do you mean you "have to by a repeater to be involved with that"?
access codes WD1H on 8/2/16
These repeaters are DMR (digital Mobile Radio) digital repeaters. In the DMR world you need the frequency, talk group, color code, and time slot. Color Code is kind of like the PL code in the DMR digital world.
hearing aids with kenwood ts590s WA1HEW on 2/2/16
I don't have a TS590s but I do have an Elecraft K3 and Kenwood TS2000. My aids are BTE (behind the ear) made by Phonak. I have no trouble with them in hearing either radio. I sometimes also wear headphones with a boom mike. They were made by MFJ (I think they have been discontinued). The muffs are large enough to cover my entire ear including the BTE aids. I would suggest finding a company that will give you a trial period before you buy. Be sure to tell the person fitting your aids of your hobby so they can select the best type for your needs. Also check out the pairing that can be done wireless to your TV, phone, stereo, and your radio.

What do I trust, my tuner or my analyzer? AF9U on 27/1/16
Remember the tuner does nothing to change the antenna. The antenna SWR remains the same with or without a tuner. The tuner matches the impedance of the antenna to the radio's 50 ohm impedance. Therefore the SWR between the radio and the tuner should be near 1:1.
Also the connection on the tuner that goes to the radio is the tuner INPUT and the radio OUTPUT. Remove the radio and connect the MFJ-259C analyzer to the tuner input and you should see nearly the same thing the meter on the tuner shows.

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