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Antenna Modeling for Beginners Feb 8th 2013, 18:19 3 2,262 on 14/2/13
Roller Inductor Tuner Dec 20th 2011, 19:26 1 2,171 on 20/12/11
Using Ladder Line Jul 27th 2011, 19:43 3 3,395 on 29/7/11

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Relay with FT 857 KB3YKT 3 days, 10 hours ago
Those relays appear to be RF relays. Exactly what are you trying to switch?
Tyying to understand parallel dipoles. AC2MM 3 weeks, 3 days ago
How does the Alpha Delta differ from the fan dipole other than the loading coils to shorten the 40 meter band?
Power line transformer interference? jmayer180 4 weeks, 1 day ago
The first concern should be safety. The antenna should be mounted such that ANY combination of failures of the antenna supports or antenna wires don't allow the antenna to come in contact with the pole, transformer, or lines plus 10 feet (or more!).
FT-7800 Transmit Error? N6HAM on 14/7/17
What frequency are you trying to transmit on? You may have the offset set wrong causing the radio to transmit out of the band.
Using CHRIP & Programing Software KG5PTE on 14/6/17
There may be someone here that can help. What is your question?

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