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field day What is it about? KC9UUU on 14/4/15
Sounds like your group has let the "logistics" of field day get in the way of the true purpose of Field Day.
Fringe TV reception and 2 meters (filtering?) KD0FGH on 3/4/15
What are the frequencies of the distant TV stations? Are you using any amplifiers on the TV antenna? are you using a digital converter box?
I run a 50 watt 2 meter transceiver whose antenna is about 15 feet from my 2-bay "bow-tie" TV antenna with no interference to the TV.
HW101 Xmit set-up KD0ZGW on 24/3/15
I assume you are keying the transmitter at step 7?
SWR and metal roof KO0Y on 16/3/15
In the two-way radio world what you describe is a classic case of water in the feedline. The fact that the SWR is low between the antenna and the feedline but high at the radio end would indicate a coax problem or a bad connector at the antenna end. If the metal roof or mast was a problem then the SWR would have been bad when measured at the antenna. Many times water in the coax is hard to detect unless you cut off a a few feet and examine the center connector.
Stranded Wire for Grounding KG8GC on 4/3/15
Each piece of equipment should connected to a ground bus. Either solid or stranded jacketed wire is acceptable. The ground bus is connected to the ground rod. Stranded or solid is acceptable. I wouldn't use anything smaller than #12. #6 is commonly used but the bus to the ground rod should be #6 or larger. Some installations use flat strips of copper to reduce the inductance of wire. Connections to the ground rod should be made using an exothermic method if the connections are buried. Standard mechanical connections can be used if above ground. Sections 800, 810, and 820 of the National Electrical code and Motorola's R-56 manual can provide you with additional information. QST had several recent articles on equipment grounding methods.

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