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New Ham Feed Line Question WMKreider on 13/3/21
I would suggest two runs of coax if for no other reason than to keep it simple. Adding splitters, filters and switches adds additional losses to the already increased losses from an attic antenna installation.
Newbie General Repeater Question GrandAdam12 on 22/2/21
Not sure you understood Zak's answer. Everyone must be in range of the repeater (both transmitting and receiving) to hear each other. If you are talking on your local repeater you will not be heard on the repeater 30 miles away unless the repeaters are linked together.

In other words the down link frequency of one repeater is not the up link frequency of another. Repeaters are linked by other means described above (wire line, internet, RF, etc.).
Bill - WA0CBW
ARRL Technical Coordinator - Kansas Section
FT3DR micro SD KO4LKZ on 29/1/21
I have seen that problem several times. The radio can't read the card. The solution was a new SD card. You might try that.
Amplitude Modulation GrandAdam12 on 25/1/21
Think of each sideband as a signal. So when modulating with a single tone there are three signals, the lower, the carrier, and the upper. If using voice there will be many lower and upper (and carrier) sidebands each corresponding with the frequencies of your voice.
Adding Fusion/Wires X to Repeater CPWUSAF on 31/12/20
KA5PXE and KN6ILG did you get an answer? This might help. You would need a Fusion repeater, HRI200, and a computer running WiresX with internet at the repeater site. Or for a remote node an HRI200 connected to a Fusion HRI capable radio and a computer running WiresX connected to the internet. There are a couple of variations to this all explained on the Yaesu web site.

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