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Stealthy Rope-Light Antenna? NE6F 3 days, 5 hours ago
Although your idea would make a "stealthy" antenna the mixing of an antenna and any kind of AC power electrical distribution is an extremely bad idea not to mention the violation of several National Electrical code rules. For you safety and that of others please do not attempt this.
problems with ft-920 KS7U 2 weeks, 6 days ago
I assume you are asking how to perform a CPU reset. That is described on page 92 of the manual along with two other reset options. The manual can be found on line.
Icom 756PRO3 Internal Keyer ilektranik on 21/7/16
A quick scan of the manual indicates it is a basic keyer dots and dashes only. It doesn't look like it supports any type of iambic operation. It looks like you can make several adjustments to the weighting and several other characteristics.
VHF Magnetic Antennas KG5AEU on 4/7/16
You might be able to modify them to work on the VHF or UHF amateur ham bands depending on the type of antennas they are. An antenna analyzer would be very helpful.
Cell Phone Site and Repeater Site K7IHI on 27/6/16
As Martin said the bigger issues are site access and installation costs of the antenna, coax, hardware, grounding and AC power. Most cell sites are managed by site management companies many of which are not friendly to ham radio. Their job is to make money for the site owners and the monthly cost can be quite high for amateur operators. Security and access is not easy at most sites. It is mandatory that main and secondary methods of remote repeater control be implemented as access can sometimes take weeks. Lastly is the fact that ANY interference issues become the problem of the last guy on the tower.

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