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Kenwood TM-V71 reboots on High Power hamwillyt 2 days, 2 hours ago
Have you checked the power supply to see if it is supplying the correct voltage when using high power? I assume you might not have used high power with your current setup. Also check your SWR as it might have changed causing your radio to draw more current.
Indoor/Outdoor antenna, annoying symptoms, and making do KC1HBG on 22/3/17
Considering the description of your antenna system I would say it is working pretty good. Some of your problems could be distortion of the antenna radiation pattern due to the foil insulation, the wire mesh one end of the antenna passes through and the orientation of the antenna and feedline. The noise level could be from the nearby electrical wiring in the attic or other "RF" noise makers in your house.
Questions about practice methods n8sem on 20/3/17
What helped me was practicing words and abbreviations that are used in CW. Learn words as a complete group of sounds. Do the same with abbreviations. You will begin to "hear" the word and not individual letters. This also makes it easier to concentrate on the individual letters. It is like sending words. You don't have trouble sending because you already know the word. Shorten the space between letters a little but leave longer spaces between words.
There will be other suggestions but this helped me the most.
Yaesu FT-2900 problem KM4FPZ on 17/3/17
To eliminate the power cable measure the voltage when you key the radio right at the point where the cable enters the radio.
What exactly is a "straight key"? KJ6BQM on 10/3/17
I believe if the "key" makes a series of automatic dots and dashes it is not considered a straight key however there are exemptions that may apply in your case. Check their web site for more information.

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