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Roller Inductor Tuner Dec 20th 2011, 19:26 1 2,559 on 20/12/11
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Need advice for burying radials ag7ov 1 week, 4 days ago
Remember the NEC requires ALL ground rods to be connected the main building ground.

Want to Etch my own Circuit Boards WB5EMX 3 weeks, 2 days ago
Have you looked at Pulsar fx PCB "Fab in a box"? This method uses your laser printer toner and transfer paper.
over the air antenna failure AE9DE on 24/8/18
It should stick out 1/16 beyond the rim. You should be able to locate the center pin in the female receptal before engaging the threaded capture nut.
over the air antenna failure AE9DE on 22/8/18
If you are talking about the center conductor sticking out of an "F" connector it should stick out no more than 1/16th inch.
Best place to buy parts and components imdrich1 on 17/8/18
My go to places are Mouser, DigiKey, Jameco, and All Electronics.

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