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ALE with a Yaesu-857D & ATAS-120 KJ6BQM on 20/11/16
Is that radio capable of ALE protocol?
New ham coax questions W4RTA on 12/9/16
You didn't say how long your coax run is so you may want to compare different types of coax for their loss at 2-meters. I agree with Zack about the soldering iron. You may want to buy the coax with the connectors installed until you have some experience installing them and have the proper equipment ( soldering gun/crimping tool).
New Ham. Looking for some guidance TimChgo9 on 11/9/16
Congratulations on gettind your license! You will have fewer choices for a 6-meter only rig. I think you will find more rigs that have HF and 6-meters. Although 6-meters can be exciting when the band is open your day-to-day contacts will depend on how much local activity you have. You might be better served with an HF/6-meter rig for those times when 6-meters is not open. Good luck in your search.
Stealthy Rope-Light Antenna? NE6F on 27/8/16
Although your idea would make a "stealthy" antenna the mixing of an antenna and any kind of AC power electrical distribution is an extremely bad idea not to mention the violation of several National Electrical code rules. For you safety and that of others please do not attempt this.
problems with ft-920 KS7U on 10/8/16
I assume you are asking how to perform a CPU reset. That is described on page 92 of the manual along with two other reset options. The manual can be found on line.

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