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Hallicrafters SX-100 Mark II and Knight T-60

Jun 19th 2016, 02:51


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Please forgive me, I am a total NOOB when it comes to vintage equipment, let alone, put a battery in my hands and I can cause it to melt down. I have zero knowledge in regards to electrical...

I am a General Lic...

A friend at work told me about some equipment his wife's in-laws had put back that was her Grandfathers. I got them and the SX-100 was a mess. A thick coating of white caustic powder all over the upper area. Power Cord was in segments due to high voltage hit, more than likely a lightening strike. No signal, no audio, after heating up it, no joy. Had to replace the cord and just got through doing a complete tube replacement courtesy of K5SVC.

After replacing the tubes and cleaning up most of the white junk using contact cleaner and using CLP on the gears etc, fired it up and so far on USB & LSB, using a cheap 10 foot dipole, picked up several stations, CW, Digital signals etc. I plan on putting on a better DIPOLE

All of the features work but still need to understand the tuning aspect and why the audio for LSB is not as strong as the upper SSB.

The Knight looked as though after the gentleman had put it together, he put it on the shelf. It powered up...have yet to test it.

But, here is the question, for the T-60 a crystal or external VFO can be plugged into the front panel. Does this unit require these which ones, are they still available and where do I find them. I have searched everywhere for them...

Also, what desk mic is recommended?

The next question since I am noob on vintage, how do you hook or link these together on one Antenna or do you use separate Antenna's?. Both the SX-100 and T-60 have the PL259 antenna connections.

Any coaching, feedback, suggestions, Jethro to Denozo head slaps are welcome
Jun 19th 2016, 04:01


Joined: Mar 27th 2016, 03:01
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I think I may have already answered my own question about the Knight T-60 and the VFO/Crystal. What if any is the benefit of a N3ZI DDS Vfo. I get the understanding it replaces the VFO/Crystal to the point is becomes the tuning...

What Recommendations and where would be the best source or should I just go with a kit?
Jun 19th 2016, 16:35


Joined: Mar 27th 2016, 03:01
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Another self enlightening moment - Although the T-60 is a beloved "1st" for many, the need for the crystals is not clearly defined but after hours of reading, it comes down to having to either pay $20 per crystal just to be able to get on a specific frequency or invest in what was a VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) unit that took control of band and frequency selection from the T-60.

It is amazing how limited the information and details exist in that it is a great amount of tribal knowledge.

Old school is the heathkit VF-1

Covers 160-80-40-20-15-11-10 meters

New school is the Digital VFO for Vintage equipment like the The N3ZI DDS VFO.

Sorry to ramble, but the thought of a very inexperienced "homebrew" builder putting together a DDS VFO for a vintage T60 is a HUGE challenge.

Jun 20th 2016, 02:04


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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For information the T-60 is a CW or AM transmitter only. Although there is some AM activity Upper or Lower sideband dominate most of the bands. There is plenty of CW activity however. After my first home built transmitter (807 tube of course) I purchased a knight T-60. It was a pretty good transmitter for its time. My first receiver was a Hallicrafters SX-100 as well. If I remember correctly the SX-100 had a switch to control an external antenna relay to switch between transmit and receive.

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