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Insurance to operate in State Parks

Apr 8th 2019, 06:13


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I live in MD. Question applies to all states. Does anyone know if States are in their right to require Amateur Radio operators to have liability insurance to operate in the park? In our case, they are even asking that we name them as co-insured. Any reference to a legal text, precedent or regulation would be appreciated.
Apr 28th 2019, 18:52


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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You pose a good question as folks are preparing for their Field Day activities. Each state sets their own rules that apply to persons using state property. Obviously they don't want to be sued if anyone, such as a group of amateur radio operators, creates a hazard that results in an injury or death. Same idea goes for towns, cities, counties, park districts, or other entities. I'm not aware of any state that categorically exempts amateur radio from an insurance requirement that they apply to other persons or groups using state property orrecreational facilities.

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