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Roger beep and another question.

Dec 17th 2019, 10:04


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Maybe someone can answer this question: Should the roger beep not be used or is up for grabs either way? I heard someone tell another operator to turn the roger beep off on 2m band. Is there any regulation covering this, or is just a personal choice? Along the same lines, is there rules and regulations concerning the use of phonetic alphabet, such as names/words that are not part of the old military ones?

Dec 18th 2019, 10:37


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Roger Beeps are not illegal to use. Repeaters use them. There are times when a roger beep is very handy. If a station is mobile and on the fringe of reception, say on 10 meter SSB, the mobile operator's voice may not be heard in the distance, but the roger beep is audible enough to let other station know the mobile station has stopped transmitting.

It is unfortunate that roger beeps are so closely associated with CB radio. The beep is a tool that can be used, especially if the "beeping" signal is weak. However so, a beep to some hams is like hearing "10-4 good buddy"; it's just not "proper ham talk". If you use the beep, be braced for the wrath of the crusty.

As far as the use of phonetics, try to stay on the list of the internationally known phonetics, especially when signals are weak, or if there is interference. There is no FCC rule about using a specified list of phonetics, so have fun, but if you use other phonetics, watch out for the crank who needs a topic to complain about.

Have fun and get on the air.....beep!

Bob Allison

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