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SMA Connector for Wouxun

Mar 22nd 2012, 01:23


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I have a Wouxun (KG-UVD1P) HT. I purchased a Comet Mag mount (M-24SJ) to put on my truck. The problem is to attach the coax to the radio requires one to screw the radio onto the coax (physically turning the radio around and around) rather than screwing th coax to the radio. Is there any type of adapter that would go the other way in order to alleviate turning the radio?
May 27th 2012, 19:35


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A better solution than an adapter might be a short coaxial jumper cable, which would reduce the stress on the rig's SMA connector.

But, a handheld transceiver is often a poor choice for mobile work--not much power for transmit and the receiver is often prone to intermod--mixing of strong signals in the receiver so they show up in multiple spots on the dial. This is a necessary tradeoff to minimize current drain for maximum battery life.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
May 28th 2012, 22:08


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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To expand a bit on Zack's comments.....

The standard antenna for most handhelds is a rubber ducky. As a result, the front end has a lot of gain to make up for the antenna's shortcomings. To reduce the intermod problems when attached to external antennas, a few models of handhelds have a built in attenuator. This is not the case with the Wouxun.

This is yet another reason not to buy a handheld as a first or only transceiver—they're just too confining in too many ways.

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