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Digital QST crashes constantly on iPad3

Dec 21st 2012, 15:01


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I am using a fully updated (iOS 6) iPad 3 with 64 GB or memory (wireless and Verizon 4g) that constantly crashes when reading QST. I've been on my wireless connection for the crashes.

The steps to cause the crash are as follows:

Select a QST to read.
Select read (not download).
Begin reading.
Swipe to turn pages quickly as if you are returning to the place last read.
After a few fast page turns, the app crashes back to the desktop.

I do see the cache holding what was read.

I can see this behavior every time I am in reading (not download mode, I haven't tested the failure in download so it may be there too) and it happens after a bunch of fast page turns every time.

QST looks great on the iPad by the way. Really nice. But we need to get the iPad app fixed.

No issues on the iPad other than the QST app.
Dec 21st 2012, 16:23


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Thank you for your feedback regarding the digital QST app. We are working with our partner, Nxtbook, to investigate this issue. Any updates to the app will be posted in the app store.

For answers to more questions about the digital QST, please visit: or contact us by telephone or email.

Thank you,
Magdalena, W1MGZ
ARRL Digital Content Coordinator
Dec 25th 2012, 19:36


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I also have an iPad3 (64GB, wifi, no cel-capability). The QST app worked OK for me at first in October - I had downloaded just about all issues, and read/browsed a couple.

Then an update. At first, the app fired up, but I had terrible trouble viewing covers, and couldn't download or read anything :-(

I followed the FAQ steps, restarting my iPad and removing/reinstalling the QST app... Now, every time I try to start the QST app, it crashes back to the desktop immediately. No other apps (mis-)behave like this. I briefly see the ARRL splash screen, then right back to the desktop.

I'm fully up-to-date with iOS 6.0.1, bone-stock and lightly-used ipad with 1/2-dozen other apps (I use my iPad almost exclusively as an eReader, with Stanza and iBooks principally).
Jul 6th 2013, 13:45


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Hi all, I've the same issue as VA7GP, IPad 2 and IOS 5.1. I was never able to read a single QST..... Please help !!

Pino, ik2hew

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