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Water tank and vertical antenna effect on nearby beam?

Jul 27th 2011, 13:09


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An ARRL Member writes:

The location is very near a steel water tank which is approximately 32 feet high with a diameter of approximately 25 feet. It is in the shape of a cylinder with a steel enclosed top and sits on a concrete base. I have 2 questions.

(1) would the center of the steel top be a good place or bad place to mount an 80/40 meter vertical antenna and/or a 2 meter vertical?

(2) would the water tank have negative effects on a nearby 20/15/10 meter beam on top of a 40 foot tower? The tower would be approximately 100 feet away from the tank.

Jul 29th 2011, 05:09


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(1) I would think that it would be a very good antenna location but for 2 meters higher is better.
(2) I would think that the effect would be small but a tower higher than 40 feet would be better.
73 Don

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