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Will dual band antenna work on a CB? KZ7ZUL on 25/6/13
CB is on 27 MHz, a long way from 146 MHz. Your SWR is going to be very high. It may work good enough for receive but not for transmit. Your transmit signal level will be very low and you may blow the final transistor. 73 Don KE8DO First class FCC radio-telephone license.
CW question randallk on 31/5/13
What type of plug are you using? Maybe you have a mono plug when you should be using a stereo plug. I do not know what type of plug the radio uses. 73 Don KE8DO
Lighting Protection Jartoc on 13/1/12
Can you give more details? What band are you using, HF, VHF or UHF? How is your antenna mounted for base station use? The bigger and higher that your antenna is, the more inportant a good ground system and lighting surpression is. In your case, it may be just easier to disconnect the radio when it is not in use. For your best signal, it would be better for you to also have a base station antenna.
73 Don KE8DO
Butternut HF6V Vertical antenna how much far from a fence? vassile52 on 10/1/12
Can you mount the antenna on top of the fence and use the fence as part of the ground system? Otherwise I would keep it as far away as you can, but more important, keep it away from your house and overhead wires.
No antenna system is perfect, you just have to do the best with what you have to work with.
73 Don KE8DO
antenna coax hook-up question K4PHI on 3/12/11
You did not say what bands the beams are for or the type of beam. You may get away with just using a T connector and 1 coax. It is best to use a balun if the beam uses a balanced feed system, so if a balun was used before then I would use one again, or at least roll up some coax to make a choke. It is best to run a coax cable from each antenna to an antenna switch in the shack, or you could use a remote switch at the top of the tower.
73 Don KE8DO

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