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Heathkit HR-20, HX-20 K8ISS on 26/6/14
I build a digital display for my Heathkit HW-100, using 7400 TTL and using the circuit from the one that Heathkit sold as a guide. I tapped into my HW-2036 for the timebase. It worked good, except for the digital noise getting into the receiver. 73 Don KE8DO
HW-16 Spurious Emissions on 15 WB5EMX on 26/6/14
Using a TVI low pass filter should also help.
Will dual band antenna work on a CB? KZ7ZUL on 25/6/13
CB is on 27 MHz, a long way from 146 MHz. Your SWR is going to be very high. It may work good enough for receive but not for transmit. Your transmit signal level will be very low and you may blow the final transistor. 73 Don KE8DO First class FCC radio-telephone license.
CW question randallk on 31/5/13
What type of plug are you using? Maybe you have a mono plug when you should be using a stereo plug. I do not know what type of plug the radio uses. 73 Don KE8DO
Lighting Protection Jartoc on 13/1/12
Can you give more details? What band are you using, HF, VHF or UHF? How is your antenna mounted for base station use? The bigger and higher that your antenna is, the more inportant a good ground system and lighting surpression is. In your case, it may be just easier to disconnect the radio when it is not in use. For your best signal, it would be better for you to also have a base station antenna.
73 Don KE8DO

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