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Welcome to the vintage radio forum

Jul 29th 2011, 13:05


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Welcome to the vintage radio forum. This is where ARRL members can discuss the many different aspects of the restoring, collecting or operation of older radio equipment. It is not necessarily limited to ham-radio gear, but discussions should be on subjects likely to be of interest to most members interested in vintage radio. As an example, diiscusison of old pole insulators would be fine, while discussions about how to find a bumper for a Ford Model T would not fit the forum well.

ARRL has a few web pages that may be of interest to vintage enthusiasts. The Technology area of the website has a page devoted to vintage radio. Most vintage equipment requires a little TLC, so the arrl page on troubleshootng and repair should be useful. While AM operation is not limited to vintage gear, many AM enthusiasts like the sound and feel of plate modulated AM, so you may also enjoy the intormation and links on the ARRL's page on AM equipment and operating.

This forum is moderated by Bob Allison, WB1GCM. His interest in vintage gear runs deep, so he will also be an active participant. In addition to being ARRL's eqiupment-testing engineer, Bob is also an avid collector of vintage ham gear, shortwave receivers, insulators and similar nostalgia. Bob is also a dosant at the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut.

For sale-posts are not going to be permitted on this forum, to avoid it becoming a watering hole for vendors to hawk their wares. There are plenty of for-sale options available, so people should have no trouble selling equipment. If someone is looking for a hard-to-find part, they can post their needs here, but the moderators request that they take it "off line,' especially when it comes around to negotiating the price or other terms. A public response pointing to somewhere someone can buy a part they are looking for is helpful. Many hams list their email addresses on their ARRL member page or on the member pages at sites like There is always, of course, postal mail if needed.

Thanks for participating and start a discussion, ask a question or just read all the posts that are made by other members. If you have any questions about the forum, contact Bob Allison,

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