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Impedance per current General Manual p.6-6/fig.6-5 ?

Nov 13th 2013, 16:48


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While in the current General/Level 2 Licensing Manual (7/1/11-6/30/15) on Page 4-18 "Impedance" is defined as: "...a general term for the opposition to current flow in an AC circuit caused by Resistance, Reactance or any combination of the two."... the Figure 6-5 (GLM0003) on Page 6-6 graphs Impedance over perfect ground per height of a Half-Wave Dipole in Wavelengths, yet it does not say, unless I am missing it, IF the Impedance is that of Resistance OR Reactance. Should the reader assume that the Impedance in Fig. 6-5 is purely Resistance (i.e., that Reactance is zero)?
Many thanks in advance to anyone who can offer to me some guidance on this matter.... Fred K4XXK

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