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Dec 18th 2013, 18:21


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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I want to try some digital modes of operation and I need some info on what equipment I will need to get started using HRD. I have a YEASU FT-920 and a DELL desktop computer with the latest version of WINDOWS. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Dec 19th 2013, 02:22


Joined: Aug 10th 2011, 09:34
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I run JT65 (digital) and can also use JT9, PSK, CW(machine), RTTY, etc using HRD on my Dell with a Kenwood T590S. My radio is set up so that the only interface required is a cable between the rig and computer. I previously use a TS2000 which required an interface. I used a Rigblaster Advantage. There are a number of models and brands available. You will have to determine if you FT-920 is a direct connect to the computer or requires an interface box. I would imagine the manual that came with it will lead you in the right direction. Hope to see you on the air on JT65 soon.

73, Dan

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