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Is There A Foreign Operations Forum? KF4HOJ 1 week, 1 day ago
I live in Singapore and here one can get this kind of information from the local club (SARTS) or directly from IDA (similar to FCC). I would think Thailand has a similar organization, but you will likely have to Google translate the sites.

Good Luck.
Suggested radio for beginner lkhedge on 16/2/14
As stated above, it depends on what you want to do, the level of your interest, and the size of your pocket book. If you want to try talking all over the world, are fairly sure you want to stay in this hobby for a long time and have adequate funds, then I would buy a top of the line (or near top of the line) radio which includes many features you might not use for a long time or even never. Otherwise, just get something inexpensive that you can later discard or sell.
Computer Hardware Ideas? K7RMA on 21/1/14
I completely agree with Martin's comments but have an additional suggestion. I use two monitors because I like to have up several windows when using digital, such as HRD, DM780, HRD Log, JT65, Internet, and email. Of course, if you are willing to switch between them the extra monitor is not necessary. I happen to have an extra monitor so tried it and now find it difficult to do without.

73, Dan 9V1DB
TS-590 ve9agc on 4/1/14
I have the same setup - Dell, Win 7, and TS590S. Email me and maybe we can figure it out.
Question about End Fed Antennas attilasucilla on 4/1/14
First, to answer your question about making the wire longer. The length of the antenna is designed by the manufacturer for whatever HF frequencies they advertise. Making it shorter or longer without doing some modeling will probably make it worse. I would suggest if you need to extend it longer, use a nonconductive rope or something similar.
I am NOT an antenna expert but I have done a lot of experimenting with my end fed vertical wire antenna. Due to my physical limitations, I cannot use any conventional antennas. In your case with access to your roof top, I would suggest you do some research and install the biggest, baddest, most expensive antenna you can afford. Most radios will receive and transmit at near the same levels, so concentrate on the antenna.
Good luck!

73, Dan

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