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Field Soldering Without A Soldering Iron - Video Link Mar 2nd 2015, 03:24 1 1,198 on 2/3/15
How to Build A Portable Solar Power Supply Video Series Mar 2nd 2015, 03:18 1 1,750 on 2/3/15
Ground Rod Driver Tool - DIY Feb 27th 2015, 03:05 1 1,459 on 27/2/15
Grab N' Go Solar "Generator" Box - DIY Feb 27th 2015, 02:58 1 1,521 on 27/2/15
Crystal Radio DIY Video Feb 27th 2015, 00:52 1 1,170 on 27/2/15
Forum Rules Question Feb 17th 2015, 13:53 1 764 on 17/2/15
Is There A Foreign Operations Forum? Apr 12th 2014, 12:22 3 1,345 on 27/2/15

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HBR 14 coils conversion to toroidal coils cathoderay on 21/3/15
I built some coils for non-radio purposes. I used the formulas from a book called, "LC Circuits". It's not very big, but it's really clear and concise. I bought cores for the freqs I wanted, then ran the calculations per the book. Wound them and tested them with a scope and variable oscillator (and precision capacitor).
Field Soldering Without A Soldering Iron - Video Link KF4HOJ on 2/3/15
Video about how to do field soldering without a soldering iron, using matches, lighter, ... I tried many ways (and failed) until I found this simple trick about using the wire as it's own soldering iron.
How to Build A Portable Solar Power Supply Video Series KF4HOJ on 2/3/15
These are links to 4 videos (basic level) I made on how to build a portable solar power supply (aka "generator"). Thought some might find it useful.

Part 1 - Intro & Background

Part 2 - Power Output / Battery Matching

Part 3 - Solar Panel / Controller Matching

Part 4 - Building Tips & Tricks
Ground Rod Driver Tool - DIY KF4HOJ on 27/2/15
This is a video of how to make an inexpensive ground rod driver tool. It allowed me to put in a 3 meter long rod in just over 2 minutes flush against a wall. No mushrooming, no smashed fingers, no collateral damage (do know if there's anything underground before you drive!!!) I stopped about halfway down and got out a small sledgehammer to compare the difference and quickly went back to the driver tool.

It fits on the end of a hammer drill. I have just a smaller size hammer drill and it works fine. Hope it's useful.

Grab N' Go Solar "Generator" Box - DIY KF4HOJ on 27/2/15
This is a video I made of a grab and go solar power box. I made it for camping (powering gear, lights and such) and for our frequent power outages around the house (which is shown in the video).

The box is from a company that makes emergency lights (the ones you see in buildings for when the lights go out) and the rest is just common stuff. The controller can be bought from Amazon. The panels are just 1-2 40 watters.

The output plugs I chose are the common car cigarette lighter plugs since you can buy literally hundreds of different things that fit them and most hams have used them in mobile applications.

I have 4 more videos on the basics of putting one together.



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