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ARRL Main-page & Forums Oct 31st 2021, 08:40 4 630 on 24/11/21

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ARRL Main-page & Forums N2CLE on 24/11/21
The only way I found my way to the forums page was the link that was on the main page. I find the content within the forum topics to be a great resource.

I cannot understand why anyone would remove this link AND be so unresponsive about putting it back.
My only guess the ARRL management wants to eventually eliminate this feature of their site.

If anyone else is like me you might want to check-out the forums on QRZ -
ARRL Main-page & Forums N2CLE on 31/10/21
Has anyone else noticed that the link to the forums section from the main-page has been removed or omitted?

I have found the Forum pages to be a well organized and value able resource.

Without having a link on the main-page I think that fewer of us will visit and/or participate in the Forum topic.

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