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Inverted v configuration around a corner?? ND9Y on 5/8/16
90 degrees is getting rather tight. I've never tried an antenna in that tight of a configuration. It may exhibit some interesting directional characteristics.

Right now the doublet I am using has about a 160 degree angle in the horizontal plane. I cannot detect any sort of operational issue. The doublet is about 205 feet overall, fed at the center with 450 ohm ladder line with the apex at 40 feet and the ends at about 25 feet. I use it with a large tuner on 160 and 80/75m. I will sometimes use it on the higher bands if it appears to have an advantage over the fan dipole I also have up.

A few years back I added 160m to my 80/75m doublet by adding 33 feet of wire to each end of the old doublet. The original doublet ran along the back of the rental lot and there was not enough room to extend it along the back side. At each front corner of the narrow lot stood a utility pole. I ran the attachments to the poles and the angle was slightly more than 90 degrees. The antenna continued to perform well enough on 80/75m and allowed me to get on 160m after a number of years absence.

73, Nate
Any truth to this rumor? W0SJF on 5/8/16
The OP is certainly puzzling as plenty of ops wear name badges to radio related events, not just hamfests.

Perhaps the confusion is that there are companies that will sell a facsimile of a law enforcement badge with one's callsign on it. I suppose it could have some usefulness but as one who never aspired to be a cop, I certainly would not get one. Perhaps these are what the comments the OP overheard are referring to.

Hats and the usual badge styles available from vendors at hamfests should not raise a concern.

73, Nate
My first year as a ham... bibliomane74 on 5/8/16
Firstly, welcome!

Secondly, it's good that you haven't lost your enthusiasm.

Thirdly, press on. While a club can be a good support mechanism, it's not necessary to success in amateur radio. In the absence of a club, having the advice of a few individuals you trust can prove valuable. Admittedly, it's not easy making a choice on a radio and for the newcomer anything used seems to have a high possibility of being someone's junk. If you're looking to buy new, most anything affordable will get you on the air in fine shape. If used, you may prefer to buy from an established dealer that will offer some guarantee that the unit will not be Dead On Arrival (DOA).

Fourthly, don't be discouraged that your first antenna will likely be a compromise. All antennas are compromises in some way having advantages and disadvantages. This is where you will learn a lot. You will also find at some point an antenna that suits your operating style and meets your goals. Funny thing about hams (humans?) is that they will project their style and goals on you, unfortunately, so some comments must be taken with a huge grain of salt (likely this one as well).

Fithly, Zach offers good advice. I would caution that eham reviews can sometimes be a (un)popularity contest. I have also found by reading eham reviews that there are apparently hams out there who can break an anvil with a rubber mallet! There are gems in the reviews. You'll need to apply your own common sense to separate the wheat from the chaff and arrive at a decision that you think is right for you.

Finally, the most important thing to do is get something together and operate! That is when you'll start learning. Like you, I've been of a mind that things have to be "perfect" to get started. Well, at that rate we'll never get started. Often times I've had to set that aside and go with "good enough" and then improve later. It often works out that the later improvement is much different than the "perfect" I envisioned at the outset.

Now, go forth and enjoy amateur radio!

73, Nate
Centennial QSO Party site broken on later Firefox versions N0NB on 1/7/15
I cannot get any useful data nor was I able to apply for the awards using the latest version of Firefox. Note, that I had not tried prior to last week. I am running FF 38.0.5 on Windows 7. I did not try to see if the Linux version is similarly affected.

I was able to log in and apply for the awards using IE 11.09 on Windows 7 at work.

HTH someone.

73, Nate
Well done, ARRL! N0NB on 1/1/15
I recall reading about the on-air operating events planned for 2014 a bit over a year ago. The one that caught my eye was the W1AW portable operations and the opportunity to have WAS solely from W1AW/*. The QSO party points had secondary appeal and I managed to work both N3KN and K1ZZ on 01 Jan 2014 as well as W1AW/4 and W1AW/8. It seemed much easier to work those stations a year ago than it was over the past couple of weeks.

By February and March it was clear that the W1AW portable operations had hit critical mass and were being sought by an increasing number of operators. The pileups were deep and often times trying to break them before the weekend was tough. The QSO party really seemed to gain momentum over the second half of 2014, especially after the first Red Badge Day. Another stroke of brilliance, although I kind of let it go by for various reasons.

While I've been active on the bands all of my amateur radio career, this past year had me watching for spots on the cluster and checking my logs and calling more than ever before. I'll admit that I had fallen into a rut and the 2014 Centennial operations were the jolt to get me out of it. My challenge is to continue to operate and just make contacts and not fall back into that rut.

Well done, ARRL. The Centennial operations were a grand slam and I think Hiram would be proud.

Going forward, I would welcome the QSO party being held for each five year anniversary of ARRL so the next one would be in 2019 and so on. Also, give consideration to running the W1AW portable operations again for the 125th and every 25th anniversary thereafter. I'd like to do this again in 25 years! The key is not to overdo such special events so they don't become "old hat" but often enough to recapture the spirit of the Centennial event.

Good show.

73, Nate

P.S. BTW, I bookended the year by working N3KN and K1ZZ again on 31 Dec 2014.

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