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Centennial QSO Party site broken on later Firefox versions N0NB on 1/7/15
I cannot get any useful data nor was I able to apply for the awards using the latest version of Firefox. Note, that I had not tried prior to last week. I am running FF 38.0.5 on Windows 7. I did not try to see if the Linux version is similarly affected.

I was able to log in and apply for the awards using IE 11.09 on Windows 7 at work.

HTH someone.

73, Nate
Well done, ARRL! N0NB on 1/1/15
I recall reading about the on-air operating events planned for 2014 a bit over a year ago. The one that caught my eye was the W1AW portable operations and the opportunity to have WAS solely from W1AW/*. The QSO party points had secondary appeal and I managed to work both N3KN and K1ZZ on 01 Jan 2014 as well as W1AW/4 and W1AW/8. It seemed much easier to work those stations a year ago than it was over the past couple of weeks.

By February and March it was clear that the W1AW portable operations had hit critical mass and were being sought by an increasing number of operators. The pileups were deep and often times trying to break them before the weekend was tough. The QSO party really seemed to gain momentum over the second half of 2014, especially after the first Red Badge Day. Another stroke of brilliance, although I kind of let it go by for various reasons.

While I've been active on the bands all of my amateur radio career, this past year had me watching for spots on the cluster and checking my logs and calling more than ever before. I'll admit that I had fallen into a rut and the 2014 Centennial operations were the jolt to get me out of it. My challenge is to continue to operate and just make contacts and not fall back into that rut.

Well done, ARRL. The Centennial operations were a grand slam and I think Hiram would be proud.

Going forward, I would welcome the QSO party being held for each five year anniversary of ARRL so the next one would be in 2019 and so on. Also, give consideration to running the W1AW portable operations again for the 125th and every 25th anniversary thereafter. I'd like to do this again in 25 years! The key is not to overdo such special events so they don't become "old hat" but often enough to recapture the spirit of the Centennial event.

Good show.

73, Nate

P.S. BTW, I bookended the year by working N3KN and K1ZZ again on 31 Dec 2014.
Centennial Contest dmeche on 1/1/15
The LoTW home page states that logs must be uploaded by January 15, 2015 at 2359Z for 2014 Centennial award credit.

73, Nate
ARRL version of linux WA6SAZ on 23/12/14
There is now a Debian Pure Blend for amateur radio:

At this time it is experimental per the Web page. Also, for anyone wishing to get involved, check out:

From monitoring the mailing list, Iain, 2M0STB, is the main person working on the ham radio blend and appears to welcome additional help.

I am not a member of the team, BTW, just an interested observer.

73, Nate
Free eBook on vintage radio restoration w1rfi on 23/12/14
An update was added back in February and it looks to be about 25 pages longer:

73, Nate

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