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Atlas DDC-6...different types May 26th 2014, 15:46 2 1,493 on 27/5/14

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Atlas DDC-6...different types DL2ECL on 27/5/14
Still working on my problem with Atlas DD-6 :
it seems to be an Atlas DD-6BC. Not 6B...not 6C.
The other versions of the digital display have easy-to find manuals.
This version seems to have some kind of prom on it...and a crystal as well.Is there nobody out there who has info/schematic of this little gem? I really do have to perform the change to the earlier IF of 5220 KC instead of 5645 KC.
Atlas DDC-6...different types DL2ECL on 26/5/14
It seems that there are several versions of the digital dial DDC-6 for the Atlas transceivers 215/210.
I would need the schematic of a DDC-6 B/C to adapt it to a very early radio 210/215 ( slightly different IF).

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