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Air Conditioner RFI KD4LN on 24/7/11
A new AC/Heating central air unit has just been installed in my house. It is generating spikes approximately every 18 khz and steady noise at a lower level between spikes.

The greatest interference is on 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. The spikes ride upward of 30 dB above ambient noise and the steady noise appears to be at least 10 dB.There is also interference on 40 and 20 to a much lesser degree.

The pickup is via close by antennas/transmisssion lines, not through the AC power. The central system fan appears to be the source of the spikes and then when the cooling system activates the steady noise appears.

I have found unused wires in the thermostat cable and grounded them at one end - the AC unit. This includes cabling to the outside heat pump. It did nothing.

Any thoughts? Help....

Jim, KD4LN

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