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Coax differences... Sep 12th 2020, 16:45 3 5,140 on 18/9/20

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help with Kenwood TH-D74 K5MTK on 18/9/20
John- if you have access to the internet, try YouTube. Try searching "programming the Kenwood TH-D74" and see what comes up. There will probably be several videos on how to program the radio.

Coax differences... kc8wzf on 18/9/20
Thank you. This is a terrific response to my question. Are there any other thoughts about this topic....

Standing by...
Coax differences... kc8wzf on 12/9/20
We all know that there are differences in the different types and brands of coax and that some types are better for the different Ham radio bands. But what about those coax cables that are not listed as a type that is commonly used for other uses but not in Ham radio. For example- RG 223U is very close to RG 58U. But will RG 223U perform the same, better or worse than RG58U? I would be interested in opinions from the ARRL family on this topic. And not just with these two, but with other coax comparisons as well.


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